Thursday, February 2, 2012

Yes, I confess, I did go op shopping again today!

I got to have a haircut this morning! (It's been awhile!) It was oh so good to have someone wash and massage my hair and then even better to have it tidied up and blow dried! Ahhh!
There is just something magical about having someone else wash your hair! Even if you do have to make idle chit chat with your neck strained over a sink! Sure beats being upside down over the bath when Mum used to help me colour my hair!

All in all it was very relaxing and for a style cut, wash, treatment and blow dry it cost only $15! 
It also meant I was in the mood for a little shopping on this rainy day!

So, while I was over that way I figured I'd better pop into the local Salvos store.... and I found myself a few good fabric finds... these three cost me $7, not the biggest bargain but a decent sized sheet and three pillowcases.

Since I was out and about I decided I may as well take the slightly longer way home and go to a couple of other op shops just to check them out! (I also stopped in at the bakery along the way, mmmm!)

I was a little disappointed to walk away empty handed from two stores, however, I was soooooo happy when I walked into an op shop I visited last week and found the coffee table I'd said no to still there!

Upon having a close inspection it had damaged feet which would need a little work, mostly glue... they had $15 on it! hmmm.... Considering an op shop up north had $15 on a bed sheet it was a great price for a coffee table... but still worth asking the question... cheaper please?!

In my sweetest voice and of course sticking out my helpless pregnant belly (who knows what I thought that would accomplish!) I politely asked if the gentleman could do a better price because it was a little damaged. He wittily asked what I'd pay for it. There was a sign at the front saying furniture would be half price on Saturday... I nearly offered $5 but instead said, "It'll be $7.50 on Saturday, how about that?" "No problems" was his quick reply! (Perhaps I should've said $5!)

So I paid and off I plodded back to the car, holding the coffee table victoriously... now of course showing that being pregnant doesn't mean I'm not strong and capable of carrying awkward things! ;) I've got big plans for the table and have already been to the hardware store to gather a few supplies! Stay tuned!

Finally, I was driving straight past another op shop (one I frequent often) so wasn't sure if I should stop but figured it was worth a look while I didn't have Miss Daisy in tow! And worth a look it was.

I found this gorgeous double bed quilt cover for only $6. (Ready for our guest bed in new house!) A pair of flat single bed sheets (pink floral) for only $6 and some cute fabric to make Miss Daisy some pants ($4) It was then that the real surprise came, a shout from the front, 

"Don't forget everything is half price today!"

*Insert squeals of glee here*

I felt like I had to move quickly in case they took it back! 
As I was leaving I found the delightful dolly rocking chair - too cute to pass up at $8 $4!

So a grand old total of $22 (which would've been a bargain!) became $11!
Needless to say I was quite happy with the results of my impromptu shop!

Hope you're having a lovely day! It's wet here!
We met our 'new neighbours' yesterday and she said her family in Canada had warmer weather yesterday than we did here! 

Eeek! We're really having a cool summer here!

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