Monday, September 12, 2016

Spring 2016

I can't believe it's September. Spring! 
I remember when u used to think 3 blog posts in a month was disappointing! It's become three posts in a year for 2016! Far out!

This afternoon my neighbour has the kiddies. I've totally wasted the time I had. Clothes off the line. Clothes folded. Clothes out away. Sit on lounge. Look at instagram. You know how it is right?!

Then I had a little quiet reading time which was nice! I'm trying to get my veggie garden into full swing this year. Beginning with fencing my chooks out of it!!! 

Life is full of commitments and our calendar is so full. But we like it. 
There's an element of fun to the busyness and of course lots of family time in there which is our favourite!

I'd like to start writing here again but unsure of what that might look like! I'm still baking. Hardly any sewing! Lots of snail mailing. And trying to spend as much time in my garden as I can!

All that while making the most of my time with these three previous souls!

A very proud Miss 4 when I came in from hanging the washing this morning 'I made myself some icecream mum!' At least she added lots of chia seeds!!

Well, we'll see if I can conjure up some motivation to get this page back in action in some way shape or form!!!

Term Three already!

Trying again. This didn't publish back in July. 

It's hard to believe that the last post o wrote was after Miss Daisy's first day of school. And here we are halfway through the year already!

So much happening that keeps us busy. Lots of happy memories being made. 

We've had three of our five birthdays which all happen within June, July, August. 2 to go!!

We just finished up school holidays and a trip to the Gold Coast to escape the winter chill!

And of course the usual fun and games of life at home continues. Baking. Craft. Play. All make up our special busy days :)

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Daily Grind:: AKA Daisy starts school!

We've done it - we survived a full week of school! Miss Daisy was thrilled to have the holidays come to an end and begin her primary school journey!!
We're fortunate to have several 'small schools' nearby and have enrolled her there and are enjoying the benefits of a small school community. 
This year the numbers are lower than normal but hopefully this will grow again in the next few years. Ebbs and flows are certainly part of small school life. 
Here's her whole school assembly on the morning she started! 

And here she is explaining to Li'l Peppa how to look after Lion Cub and that she'll be home on Saturday and Sunday to play!! It was a very serious conversation. 

Even the Swimming Carnival is small scale. But successful and lots of fun. 

And the three of us are growing used to the drop offs and pick ups and the quiet that comes from our group leader not being around to guide and set the tone for our day. 

Did you send a little one off to school for the first time?!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Better late than never - Christmas family pic 2015

My phone decided to stop working from around Christmas Day last year so there's a small void in photographic evidence of our existence on earth for Dec:Jan. 😜

Hubby very kindly bought me a new iPhone 6s so I'm well and truly back in the game! I love the extra camera features this hone boasts and this will hopefully mean my blog will receive some attention that is overdue. 

These cute Christmas pics were taken on hubby's phone at our community Christmas dinner which happened on Christmas Eve. Cute!

Look forward to posting more here as we welcome 2016. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

An amazing illustrator - Hannah Sommerville

This was my $8 Christmas gift this year from my sister in law! Isn't it amazing! She's such a talented artist/illustrator... and I reap the benefits regularly!!
Our boys swap 6 packs of exotic beer each Christmas, we've usually made each other something or bought something small. This year we weren't going to do anything but after seeing a colouring in desk calendar I thought would be a good addition to this busy illustrators desk I couldn't resist the $8 purchase but said not to bother with anything for me in return.... well, this is what she whipped up anyway!!

Let me introduce you to my sister in law Hannah Sommerville and her amazing website. She has two picture books being published in the next few months and two already in print that you should grab!!

Don't you just love this creation she made of my three gorgeous cherubs!! So beautiful!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

10 FREE Printable Calendars for 2016

I can't believe it was 2 years ago that I compiled a list of 10 fabulous printable calendars for the year 2014! Well here we are, only one hour away from entering 2016 and I've found 10 of the best printable calendars, planners and blog planners on the web just for you! And they're all freebies from some of the most delightful blogs!

Here is my top ten free printable calendars for 2016! You'll want to print one for every room of the house!

1. Botanical Paperworks has actually put together THREE great printables for 2016! Check them out!

2. Here's some fabulous printable week, month and day at a glance planners from Remaking June

3. FTD Fresh have the absolute prettiest of calendars... you won't want to write all over these ones! There is the option for a desktop calendar as shown below or a useful month to a page wall calendar. Print both!

4. These cute month by month calendars are from My Little Street and are just perfect for putting on a clipboard or in a frame.

5. Short Stop Designs has these clear and easy month to a page calendars which have plenty of space for your events and commitments.

6. I Should Be Mopping the Floor has created this cute year to a page that would look perfect in a kitchen or above a desk space.

7. Childhood 101 has a great open calendar with a month to a page. They include inspirational quotes and she also has some printable calendar stickers too!

8. This gorgeous planner from The Handmade Home is first on my print list!

9. This family planner from The Harmonized House is perfect for organising busy families - I think it will come in handy with our first off to big school this year!

10. And finally this one is for the bloggers... a sweet and organised blog planner from Everyday Enchanting to keep you posting efficiently in 2016.

I hope these cute and useful calendars can help keep you organised in 2016!