Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Three Blogs For A Thursday #5

I haven't been in blog land over the last week. It's school holidays for the Mr and so we're enjoying some family time.
I've also been sewing a lot for the upcoming Just For Daisy Summer Collection I'm releasing on facebook and  Nov 1st - stay tuned!

Here are my three blogs for this Thursday! Head over and take a look! :)

Lovely blog with some delightful ideas. I particularly love the pinterest parties! :) Take a look!

I love reading the happenings from Amy at A Good Life. She also posts on Instagram a lot! And I love Instagram!

This Mama has the most amazing style! I pine for a 'new' wardrobe every time I look through her trendy fashion posts. A challenge to use the things I've got in new creative ways! 

Looking forward to sharing some pics of what I've been sewing soon! :) 

I'll be back to blogland properly after our family holiday time is up! :) 

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Just For Daisy on Facebook

Guess who's on Facebook! 
Yes - it's Just For Daisy!

I've decided to share my blog in the wide world of facebook AND start a little business venture selling handmade goodies! Visit my page or you can follow along using the link to our facebook page on your sidebar.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Three Blogs For A Thursday #4

It's funny having a 'weekly post' because every week I exclaim how quickly Thursday has come again! And it's no different this week! :)

Here are my Three Blogs for this Thursday - enjoy! :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pimp my ERGO - Drool Pads for Baby Carriers

Well, it's nearly International Baby Wearing Week (October 10-16) and I'm organising a fun family event in the Wollongong Botanical Gardens for families who are interested in babywearing or would like to find out more! If you're in the area please come along! :)
Babes in Arms and ERGObaby are sponsoring with some great prizes available! 

I thought my poor little camel/black ERGObaby carrier might be a tad boring for such a celebration! So, I decided I'd make a few tutorials to pimp it up a little!! 

I'm hoping to find a way to 'alter' the hood - perhaps with a trendier fabric than camel! However, to start with I've gone with a really simple project... DROOL PADS

{Scavenger Hunt Sunday #10}

Here are my interpretations of this week's prompts:

{Street Photography}
 Our neighbour is moving. So in true fashion (well, in our neighbourhood anyway!) he burnt some of his furtniture that he couldn't take! What becomes of illegal backyard fires? Burning down shared fences, that's what! So yesterday I had three friendly firemen here putting out the fire! :) This is the view of our street as they left! ( I like how the bin lids match the truck!)
  I lift up my eyes to the mountains — where does my help come from? 
My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.
 He will not let your foot slip — he who watches over you will not slumber;

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Three Blogs For A Thursday

Here we go again! :) It's Thursday.... here is a little of what I've been reading this week! :) Some lovely blogs for you to visit! 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

5 a Day Books - Reading with Children #3

This week I thought we'd jump on board with having a theme for our 5 A Day Books.
We've stuck with our theme of colours from our play session earlier in the week.

Miss Daisy likes to say the colour names when sorting her toys, particularly the coloured letters in the bath - not always does the correct name come out but her responses are fairly contextual! 

Here are our five for this week
They're books we had at home which was nice as we didn't make it to the library last week. We'll swap our library books tomorrow!

The last one is a lift the flap book and is very well loved. She got it for Christmas from her Great Nanna last year and she fell in love with the bright pictures and the fun lift-the-flap style.

What are you reading with your little ones? Any suggestions for a theme for next week!?

Linking up again this week with The Imagination Tree & Smiling Like Sunshine.

5 a day books

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Play: Sorting Shapes & Colours

Today (this was actually on Friday - late publishing as I got whisked away for a night down the coast!!) we had some fun with a little bit more of a 'structured' play time. It was as structured as you can get with a 14 month old. But structured I guess more meant I had a purpose rather than us just playing with whatever Miss Daisy grabbed.

I decided to have a combination of videos and pictures to explain what we did. (All taken on the iPhone so excuse the quality at times. Please also forgive the videography - it was done one handed without looking most of the time!)

Miss Daisy has a small obsession at the moment with boxes. She found a few old gift boxes stashed in my 'junk cupboard' which happens to be half of her wardrobe. She loves putting the lids on and off and hiding things inside. 
We've used the words 'in' and 'out' a lot over the last few months as she's learned to pack away her toys, bath toys and put food in her bowl.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Three Blogs For A Thursday

Can it really be Thursday again!?

I saw Christmas fabric yesterday in Spotlight - that means the year is almost over, in September!

Well, here is some of what's been taking up my time this week! :) Hope you like it!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Recipe: Date & Walnut Slice

When I did the groceries this week for some reason I couldn't walk past a bag of walnuts.

 My MIL makes an apple slice which has walnuts in it which I LOVE and I really like the flavour of the nuts and fruit... (although last time it was a little dry - don't tell her!)

Anyway, I bought the bag of walnuts and decided to see what else in the pantry might be nice with them. That's when I remembered the dates... I bought a big bag of dates without realising I already had a big bag of dates open at home! 

Miss Daisy has been enjoying a date or two chopped up (sweet and yummy!) and I've done the same (no chopping needed!)

Well, after hitting up google for some "Date and Walnut Slice" I was relieved to find one with brown sugar (because I love it!) and which looked super easy!
All ingredients in the pantry!

And it was... Super easy that is.

Head on over to Best Recipes for this fabulous recipe - you will not be disappointed. 
I can't wait for the next bag of walnuts to slip into my trolley - I might even make it a big bag of walnuts!

Let me know what you think of this one... it's delicious!

Update {12.9.11}: I heated some up and had it with a scoop of ice cream and a drizzle of pure maple syrup! Totally unnecessary but deliciously good! 

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

5 a Day Books - Reading with Children #2

Linking up again this week with The Imagination Tree & Smiling Like Sunshine.

5 a day books

This week's five are all from our local library:

Monday, September 5, 2011

We're on Bondville! :)

Good morning everyone! Monday has rolled around again so quickly! 

Looking for something to read this morning?
Head on over to Bondville a beautiful design blog by a lovely Sydney mum, Steph. 

Today she has posted a feature on Miss Daisy's Rainbow Party which I've previously blogged about here and here.
Check it out for some of the finer details on Daisy's 1st Birthday Party!
Leave her a comment and start following her fabulous blog! :) You'll love what you see!

Enjoy browsing her site - it's addictive!

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

{Scavenger Hunt Sunday #8}

I've linked up again this week with Scavenger Hunt Sunday over at Ashley Sisk's Ramblings and Photos. Head over and take a look at some of the amazing photos that were taken this week! :)

Here are my interpretations of this week's prompts! Let me know what you think - I'd love to stop by your blog and see your pictures too! 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Three Blogs for a Thursday

I've decided to use Thursday as a day to share the love with some of the amazing blogs that I frequent! Stop in here each Thursday to get an insight into where I 'waste' my time and what keeps me 'logged in'! :)