Thursday, December 15, 2011

Our Christmas Intention 2011

We've really been anticipating fulfilling our Christmas Intention once again. I suppose even after two years it can't be called tradition, but our tradition seems to be an annual event thus far! ;)

Well, here is last years gorgeous picture! She seems so small! 
Christmas Giving Tree -  2010
And here is this year's picture taken yesterday!

Christmas Giving Tree - 2011
Last year's toy was chosen because Miss Daisy had been given the same toy by some good friends from church and loved it. We decided that each year we'd buy something for a little girl of the same age and let Miss Daisy choose something that she's interested in! (With a little guidance!)

Daddy was talking to Daisy-girl about the 'sad little girl' that doesn't have what Miss Daisy has and she proceeded to walk around the aisles with her newly picked toy saying, "Girl, sad, girl, sad" looking for this mystery girl! We explained that we were going to put it under the Christmas tree and it would be given to the little girl later! (I'm sure it'll make more sense as the years go on!!)

Too cute!
Anyway, we had a lovely time as a family choosing something for someone who hopefully will have a little better Christmas because of a small gift from us!

Here are Daddy and Miss Daisy delivering our gift to the Giving Tree.
I tried to get a shot of Miss Daisy popping the gift in but unfortunately we didn't realise the 'fence' around it was cardboard and she fell in! Whoops! If only I'd got the shot!

Oh, and yes that's not the real tree! I added a little clipart tree because unfortunately the real tree was right behind the pallet of baubles! 
After Miss Daisy fell in we cleared out pretty quickly!! :)

Merry Christmas!
Only 10 days to go!

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