Thursday, February 24, 2011

{Easy 'One Bowl' Chocolate Slice Recipe}

Cheap Therapy

It's been a couple of baking days for me at home lately!
Therapy I like to call it...

If you've worked with me or lived with me, you'll know that baking for me is my stress reliever, my pick-me-up... I love getting lost in the Tupperware containers full of flours & sugars, brightly coloured mixing bowls and washing up!

Read on for this easy recipe...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blogging Tips and Tutorials

If you have been reading my blog over the last week you will see I haven't posted a lot but I've been doing a few changes. I'd like to give some credit and shout out to the places that have helped me to achieve some neat looking additions to my blog page!!

Come on in and take a look...

Yummy Banana Bread {Recipe}

One of my favourite things to cook (and eat) is Banana Bread. I found this recipe on a few years ago and absolutely LOVE it!

I made it yesterday for my neighbours who have just had a beautiful baby girl, Charlize, or Charli as they're calling her. She's divine! She seems sooo small but was 8lb 9oz - my Daisy girl was 8lb 10oz so she was once that small! Amazing!

I tend to buy extra bananas just so that we won't be able to eat them and I'll "have to" make Banana Bread or Banana & Date Muffins. Mmmmm...
Two things that I like to do when it comes to Banana Bread... 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Celebration Emporium - Beautiful Blue Baby Shower!

Have you got a special party coming up? Wedding? Baby Shower? Birthday Party?

Take a look at the simply gorgeous Celebration Emporium for a delightful range of wonderful and unique invitations and party inspirations!

Take a look on their inspirations page to see an event which they did recently,
a beautiful baby shower for a special little boy and his Mummy!

Here is a sneak peek! :)

 The divine lolly bar for dessert was super cute and held lots of tasty treats for guests to choose. 

Click 'read more' to see more fabulous Baby Shower ideas!

Monday, February 14, 2011

{tutorial} i {heart} bunting... {pt 3}

{part 3}

Here is how I finished the beautiful baby bunting!

For those who are quilters this will be a familiar technique, this is the same technique as binding the edge of a quilt.

Cut a strip of fabric 2.5 inches wide and as long as you need to bind together your flags. I also leave a little spare on either end to create a hanging loop or use to sew on a curtain ring etc.

If you need to join two strips of fabric here is an ehow tutorial . I will try to post my own tutorial of this soon! :)

Next, you need to iron the fabric in half right along its length
(with right sides showing) - see the image below. This gives you a perfect thickness and width for a beautiful edge. 

I chose a cream fabric with green polka dots to compliment my other fabrics.

Now that you've ironed your 2.5 inch strip in half you can pin it to your bunting flags. Lie it down so that your rough edge is at the top of your bunting flags. (ie. the opening of the flag has the opening of the folded fabric)

I have done some bunting banners with a 1cm gap between each flag and others where each flag is right up against the next. Just be sure you've allowed enough fabric when cutting your strip for your desired gap.

{tutorial} i {heart} bunting... {pt 2}

We left off here ready to sew the backing onto each of our flags. 

If you missed {part 1} of this tutorial which explained how to cut and hand stitch your flags, you can go back and find it here.

{part 2}

If you wish to leave out this part you could cut your original triangle flags with a scalloped 
edge rotary cutter and leave them as is.

In this case we are sewing on a yellow backing as I love the padded look it gives the bunting.

To begin, cut out enough yellow triangles to pair with each of your existing flags.

Lie each of your pairs right sides together and sew a 1/4 inch from the edge starting at the top right hand corner to the tip and then turning, sew back to the upper left corner.

Next, turn each of your flags inside out to reveal the lettering/right side of fabrics.
(HINT: I use a blunt pencil or the eraser end of a pencil to gently push out
 the tip to make a defined point)

~ They will look something like this: ~

And here, showing the yellow backing fabric...

Friday, February 11, 2011

Tutorial: How to make fabric bunting {pt 1}

 {part 1}
So I thought if I posted about this I might get the inkling to finish it off... I seem to have a habit of starting a million things and getting them all nearly complete and then coming to a bit of a standstill!

So... here is the beginnings of my fabric bunting for a beautiful little boy!

It won't be much of a tutorial... but it's actually quite a simple project this one... Although very impressive and a great centerpiece for a child's room.

Firstly, make a cardboard pattern in the shape of a triangle... I used a full A4 piece of card, measured along the bottom of the sheet and found the middle, then ruled/cut down from each of the top corners to that point. Cut out the required amount in your desired fabric.

Next, trace your letters onto Heat'n'Bond paper (can't remember the name of the one I use!)
I traced them in reverse then ironed onto the linen... then cut them out... I traced in reverse so that when I ironed them onto the triangles the letters were the right way! :)

Then you have to blanket stitch around the letters... I will do a video of blanket stitching asap and link to it here!! :) Watch this space! :)

Now that your letters are ready... you can begin sewing your backing onto each triangle... 

Tutorial continued here - with {part 2} showing you how to attach your backing fabrics...


Thursday, February 10, 2011

{Valentine's Day Inspirations}

Valentine's Day is approaching quickly!

How do you celebrate?

This year I'm looking forward to making some cute little crafts with my little Daisy-girl for her Daddy. 

Here are some excellent websites with some great inspirations!!

The beautiful printable pack (above) is from Super Organiser Mum!! :) Jade is simply amazing and has other printables that you can purchase - but these beauties are FREE HERE! 

More goodies...

These cute little cards are from therubberpunkin and
they have more free designs here...

These unique cuties are from A Fanciful Twist and are sooo divine! :)

Some lovely little treat bag toppers are free at A Little Delightful...

And just in case you haven't already fallen in LOVE with Valentine's Day!

Here are two of my favourites!! 

The first is simply divine at Hostess Blog showing the amazing things you could do to create a beautiful Valentine's Party!

And to finish off, here's something {I really heart}... 

From my all time favourite blog... yes, the one I check daily
in the hope that the beautiful Alyssa has written something new!!

Here is something special she did for Valentine's Day with her beautiful children!

Ooooo!!! Love is in the air!!! 

Happy lead up to Valentine's Day! Get crafty!


Saturday, February 5, 2011


how to make a fabric yo-yo!

step 1
first you need to cut a circle of fabric in your desired size. my circle was 12cm in diameter. i used a cereal box to make a pattern that i could reuse. your pattern needs to be double the size you want your finished yo-yo to be.

step 2
fold over a small edge (with wrong side of fabric up) and straight stitch around the circumference of the circle, tucking the edge toward you as you go. make sure you cut enough thread to go around the whole circle with a little left over for stitching it closed, tying off and adding buttons etc.

you will end up with a ripple edge like the picture below. keep your stitching as close to the edge as possible. small stitches leave an opening whereas larger stitches will bring the middle closer together.

step 3
i usually sew a few extra stitches past where i started, just to be sure it all tucks in and gathers.
once you’ve stitched around the full circle you can gently pull the thread and your circle will gather and create your yo-yo.

step 4
put a few stitches through your completed yo-yo to hold it in place.

step 5
depending on how you want to use your yo-yo you can stitch another on top and add buttons or other embellishments.

Here are some of the cute little yo-yo singlets that i’ve been making for my daisy-girl and her friends!

and of course… Daisy-girl loves wearing anything Mummy makes!


R x

pictures © 2011 ~ only for ~ 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

things that go bump!

I had the privilege of taking some beautiful photos of my sister {N}, her daughter {Miss M} and her 8 month bump {baby boy}.

I love how even with a simple 'point n shoot' camera the love and beauty was able to be captured, even in my humble front yard!

Pretty.. Pretty.. Pretty!!

Wishing you all the best for a beautiful birth of your darling boy...
Love and Prayers xx