Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine Swirl Cupcakes

In all my pinning lately I found this yummy rainbow marbled cake to add to my Rainbow Board and then this great post for Valentine's Day cupcakes! Mmmm!!

I decided it was definitely necessary to make the Valentine's Day cupcakes and after finding love heart patty cases in Spotlight for a few dollars it was a sure thing!

I started out with my trusty Vanilla Cupcake Recipe as it's become a real favourite around here!

You need to split your batter into two even bowls.
and then colour with your two (or more) desired colours. Being Valentine's Day themed I stuck with pink and red!

Once you've coloured your batter layer teaspoons of alternating colours in your patty cases until they're 3/4 full. (The recipe I used made 24 cupcakes)

Cook according to your recipe and admire your swirly goodness when the buzzer goes off!

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These were just delightful like this but it's always good to be extravagant when it comes to cupcakes! So I made a quick outing with Miss Daisy to a local lolly shop and scored these great lollies to top off our cute Valentine's Day inspired cupcakes!

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Oh and I whipped this cute banner up last night after seeing this post here 
I used double sided tape so that I can reuse my beloved buttons once Valentine's Day has passed! 
Easy, just doilies, string, buttons and tape! Fun Fun!