Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Art of Deception

Monday had it's ups and downs. Just like most days here.
We watched TV, fought over toys, wouldn't get dress, dawdled, stole a pack of chocolate biscuits fromt he pantry... and so on and so on! By we, I mean those two cuties in pink!

Do you see all of that in this picture? No?
Let me give you a little more background...

The girls are dressed the same... all cutesy! Grandma made these dresses and gave them to us on Sunday... so everyone was excited to wear them on Monday... when it all became too much at around 11:30 when our little lion cub decided that his nap should be well under an hour and his sisters weren't even distracted by the television anymore I declared that we were going out!
The girls were dressed in their new dresses (yes, pj's only came off at 11:30), lion cub a little more casual in trakkies and a hoodie... and then, we never made it out the door. While I dressed the baby the girls started playing a beautiful game of Barbies and were totally occupied... I threw little cub in the room with them while I got dressed and he stayed, he played, happily! So I changed my mind. We'd stay home after all.

That brings us to two matchy matchy girls baking cookies. Looks like a magazine shoot - when really it is just the way our day panned out!

Later as we made lunch together, Little Peppa decided she'd like to make cookies. So we did. And I couldn't resist this photo. I figured by sharing it on facebook it might fetch a few likes as people checked it out and perhaps a comment from Nanna... but it got more, lots of comments on the cute kids (fo sure!) and then also about our kitchen... which is new... and shiny... and cool. But it got me thinking...

The intentions behind the photos we post cannot be read through the image.
The totality of our day cannot be read through the image.
The photo is a chosen snapshot. A snippet. A tale we create.

Don't forget to share the nitty gritty details. The downs as well as the ups.
Let's not fool each other into thinking the grass is greener... it's most definitely not.

We had a wonderful, wonderful day.
Clothes matched. So did the cookie dough smears that they were covered in.
Babies cried. And cried.
And we had a wonderful wonderful day! All of it! :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Snow Day

We found snow! Last Friday I woke up to see one of hubby's students had put a picture of her snowy backyard on Instagram!!! I hurriedly nursed the baby anticipating the moment where I would open the curtains to see a Winter Wonderland in our yard. But it was not to be. It had rained all night (ask me how I know!) and though higher in altitude and only 20 minutes away. No snow. 

Luckily for us we have a 4x4 and had a dentist appointment in town. And with chilly temps there was still plenty of snow to explore! It was strange seeing familiar roads and paddocks completely transformed into snowy white. 

The girls excitement waned at times. Hehe! Do you ever have to remind yourself that sometimes kids don't understand how exciting or rare something is. They are really just in the here and now. I think above the here and now was 'my hands are cold and I want to run over there!'

We all quickly forgot about our cold hands again once the snowballs started flying!

It was nice seeing other people enjoying the same things we were. Not the usual for any of us as snow here is a once or twice a year thing. But a shared excitement and calm was in the air. Cars drove slower, more smiles, more waves, more chit chat. Why can't that be the norm?

And to the wonderful lady who ventured across the icy stream of water (and mud) to take the photo of my 3 beautiful kiddies and I at the top of this post. You are wonderful. I love it. I'm so glad to be in it. Thank you. 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Book Review: Sew Together Grow Together

I was recently sent the book Sew Together Grow Together by Trixi Symonds of Coloured Buttons. Sew Together Grow Together is a fantastic child focused project book filled with great sewing projects that kids can make and use!
Trixi has been teaching sewing for over two decades and her love and talent for sewing with children spills over in this book!

The book's page layout is consistent and familiar throughout, so as children browse through to choose their next project they are met with an easy to navigate book that is inviting and well planned.
Miss Daisy really liked the look of a few of the more complex patterns at first glance and this put a halt on our creativity as I was preoccupied with the little ones, unable to buy accessories from the store or didn't want to get the fabric boxes out of storage. We have put these projects on our to do ASAP list!

Finally a week ago we looked through the book again and decided to do one of the many delightful felt projects instead. We have a box of felt inside the house and we were able to do these easily without having to collect or purchase any extra supplies. Most of the projects in the book are adaptable in that you could change the colours, fabric or even make some of them a 'no sew' project if you desired - yes, they're that simple!

We settled on the Hippy Bag as our first project and Miss Daisy (5yo) (who's already familiar with hand sewing) set out positioning and pinning the felt pieces of her flowers. She was then able to stitch each of the flowers and stems onto the main piece of the bag, even using some of the more detailed stitches for the centre of the flower. We've previously used a blunt darning needle and sewed with embroidery thread on hessian - so the sharp needle (needed to pierce the felt layers) did make her say ouch a couple of times!

We completed the bag in two sittings and decided on a shorter handle than in the book. Miss Daisy was really proud of her handiwork and I loved that the results were so quick to achieve, meaning that she enjoyed it even more!

Have you done any sewing with your children? What age did you start handwork with them?

To purchase this lovely book head over here for a great price and to see other lovely crafts from Trixi visit her on facebook or her blog Coloured Buttons

Disclosure: I was sent a copy of Sew Together Grow Together for review but as always all opinions are my own! :)