Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Homemade Toys

We've been having some fun with homemade toys of late.
They're easy to make with things you have already got from around the house. They're often able to be restored to their original purpose once your child is 'bored of them'. And they're always engaging and rewarding because of their homemade status!

Here are some easy ones that we've made after seeing them on Pinterest. Check out the links for instructions. Some are self explanatory!

Toddler Recycled Keys Set
We have some leftover remotes and keys from previous cars that no longer work etc. I add these with a carabeena and Tupperware keyring and a beaded chain. I think Miss Daisy is a little put off that her button doesn't make the car beep!

Recycled Wallet Activity Centre
This one I've seen on Pinterest here and would love to get a larger women's style wallet for Miss Daisy so that I can add some small pencils etc.

Love Heart Button Threading
I've seen button threading snakes in a few places and not sure where as I haven't pinned them! (I pinned this version) We had some hearts that I'd cut for a Valentine's craft that we didn't finish so I put a small hole in the centre so they would thread onto the shoe lace. It's a little tricky for Miss Daisy (19m) but she persevered and was able to 'thread' and 'sliiiiide' a few! :)

Pom Pom Container
And this one is continually a favourite. The pom pom container comes along on most of our appointments and outings! She's constantly entertained! I pinned this HERE.

Nursery Rhyme Sequencing Cards

We also recently made some Nursery Rhyme Cards after seeing this pin on Pinterest of Eency Weency Spider! I'm not much o,a rhyme. This is great as a sequencing activity or just as a visual stimulus for the nursery rhyme. Pinned HERE.

What fun homemade toys does your little one like playing with?!

If you're in Australia and would like to be involved in a Busy Bag Swap please keep your eyes on the blog as soon there'll be more details on how you can get involved in a busy bag full of engaging handmade toys for your little one!

If you're interested comment below... I hope to have a post explaining the swap up during the week. 

Hannah from Paint On The Ceiling will be hosting it along with me here at Just For Daisy.