Sunday, May 1, 2011

{Scavenger Hunt Sunday}

This is something new for me - linking up with the big wide blogging world.

You've heard of my newfound love for photography... well... 
I loved the look of this Scavenger Hunt Sunday challenge and think I'll try again this week (with new photos - these were from 'the archives)

Sorry if you're a 'follower' and have seen them before but I liked the way they fit the categories. If you're not a 'follower' - come follow me and I'll show you some amazing new photographs next Sunday! ;)


Churches are one of my favourite things. 
Sitting in this old church in Port Arthur, Tasmania, was one of the most surreal feelings. It was mesmerizing being in such a grand and magnificent building. Or what was left of it anyway. 
We also stood in here at night and listened to stories of convicts building this church, being forced to attend each Sunday behind a closed curtain, and murder/suicide pacts on the worksite!

Sorry this one is SOOC (straight out of camera!)

{Rimmed With Light}

This has been one of my favourite shots of late. My little Canon Ixus has done me proud I think! I love the way the sunlight just beams radiantly on the already stunning web. All in my own garden.

{Toes and Feet}

My precious little girl at only 3 days old! 
Oh how the time has flown. Little Daisy-girl is now 9 months old... nearly 10! 
{sigh} Those toes are just delightful!

Sorry this one is SOOC (straight out of camera!)

{This is My Favourite}

Another favourite and one of my more recent shots. 
We planted a little vegie patch (Our Daisy Patch) including some lettuce/spinach in an old wheelbarrow... here is Miss Daisy 'helping' and having her first taste of dirt!


My two favourite people, it's not really what we're after... But Daddy is wearing shades and they're both wearing the most magnificent smiles! I {heart} my family!
PS> Miss Daisy is unlicensed and no laws were broken in the taking of this photograph!

Sorry this one is SOOC (straight out of camera!)

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