Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cheats Cushion Cover DIY Tutorial

Here is a neat little project to make a simple cushion cover. This is a great trick if you're new to sewing or just a little lazy like me!!

I've made Miss Daisy a few pillows since making her floor quilt. Each one I've 'finished' differently. Buttons, pocket, overlap, zipper - you name it! I love the ease of buttons/zippers for removing the cover and the professional look they give. However, it's a fiddly job and I prefer to keep things as simple as possible!

Enter repurposed dress or shirt! And you have yourself a button up cushion!

Yes, that's right - you're going to use the buttons from an old/thrifted shirt to make the back of your cushion cover!

And this project took me under 45 minutes from start to finish!!

Im loving all things Valentines at the moment I've been pinning madly and found this great pillow so thought I'd somewhat replicate it on the front.

Here's how::

You will need:
1 adult dress/shirt with buttons
40x40cm cushion insert (or size of your choice)
1 x 16x16" piece linen/burlap (just bigger than 40x40cm)
Fabric scraps for lettering
Iron on adhesive
Sewing tools/machine

1. Cut the side seams of your dress/shirt (I used this floral dress which no longer fits!)
Then cut a 16x16" piece with the buttons in the middle or off centre if you wish. (I assume you'll mostly be restricted to buttons in the middle with shirt size) This is your backing piece ready! You should also cut a piece of linen/fabric of your choice in the same proportions as per 'ingredient list'!

2. Lettering: draw letters onto iron on adhesive (hopefully you know how your brand works. There are some good tutorials around on the net too!) be sure to draw them in mirror image. (see my poor little 'e'!)

Cut around letters roughly leaving a small edge. Iron onto wrong side of fabric of your choice. Cut out and position on cushion front. Peel off backing and iron in place.
3. Stitch around your lettering. Either hand stitch a blanket stitch or do some free motion stitching on the machine like I did in a contrasting colour.

4. Pin it! Pin your cushion right sides together. I made my buttons run vertically.

5. Stitch around entire edge! Yep - no hand stitching to finish your gap - it's all sewn up! Easy huh!

6. Unbutton a few buttons and turn right side out. Then stuff in your cushion (I've now repurposed two of the three cushions hubby's Nanna gave me!)

7. Enjoy your handiwork and photograph with a 'willing' participant!


I'd love for you to leave a link in the comments if you make one of these simple cushion covers!! It's so easy you just have to! Just ask hubby before you chop up his shirts!!

PS. The cute little house cushion was inspired by the amazing work of this lady! I made this one as a gift for a friend's new bub but wasn't totally happy so it went to Miss Daisy. She adores it!

I made a new one for baby Amelia with some personalized embroidery on the back! 
Happy. :)

I would still LOVE to get something from Little Village Handmade! I bet you will too!
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Thanks for stopping by. :)
Happy Cushioning!

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