{About Me}

This is us way back in 2002 :) 
Hi, so glad you stopped by my little blog! I'm Rebekah,
I try to make the most of nap times and evenings
to sew, bake, craft and blog whilst also sharing my love for these with my daughters and saving a little time for my hubby! 

We were married in 2005! 8 fabulous years ago! He is my rock and keeps this house laughing and living! 

In 2010 we were blessed with our first beautiful daughter, Miss Daisy! Our Daisy-girl was born in the bath into her Daddy's arms. Read about it here. I am amazed everyday by her empathy, kindness and beautiful soul and burst at the seams with love for her as she grows older by the minute!

Our precious second born Li'l Peppa arrived in 2012. She is full of personality and is a strong & determined little girl! Little Peppa was also born in the bath (the same bath in fact!)a whirlwind labour/birth that was perhaps even more enjoyable than Miss Daisy's (yes, I enjoy giving birth!)

So for now that's us... We live in a small town in NSW, Australia. We haven't hooked our TV up since moving here 14 months ago. (So watch this space for more babies!) We don't intend to either so don't offer to lend us a ladder or help us tune it in, we consciously made that choice... and we love it! :) We do own lots of 'iToys' and Miss Daisy is fluent in their operation with Li'l Peppa following keenly behind!

I am a Primary School teacher who's on leave and enjoying learning through play and exploration with my girls. (I'm uncertain whether 32 was actually harder than 2 or not!) Blogging and baking bring me sanity and in our new community the excess baking is put to good use blessing those around us! We are grateful for God's love for us and want to share that love with others.

Please have a look around! Let me know if you make anything or if you'd like to see something on here! The photos are for your viewing but please do not copy or reuse them or any text without my permission, I'm sure you understand. :) 

If you're new here, say hello, I'd love to hear from you! Or follow along in these other spaces across the world wide web!
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