Saturday, February 22, 2014

Baby #3!!

A little of our days. 
- There is a baby on the way!! 
- We've been keeping busy inside and out. So nice to see the girls play and forming a lovely little friendship. 
- Our peach trees have us a huge bounty! We ate lots straight from the tree, made fruit leather and jam! And of course a delicious peach crumble or two!
- Miss Daisy has started attending preschool one day a week. Li'l Peppa wishes she could go too and finds it hard to leave each week!

The blog will be taking a back seat a little for me as I focus on growing this new baby and nurturing my gorgeous girls. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

DIY Explorer Kit

We love to explore the bush. And we're fortunate that for the last two years we've lived in the middle of a National Park so we're surrounded by gorgeous bushland, dams, rivers and waterfalls. So much wonderful landscape to explore and only a few minutes from our back door!

It became apparent last year that we need to make ourselves an Explorer Kit. Miss Daisy started to 'need' more and more gizmos and gadgets every time we went exploring and so we decided to create a bag we could grab and go that would have all the things we needed and room for extras too!

Here's what's included in our DIY Explorer Kit.
 - a box of watercolour pencils
- a small blank sketch book
- a magnifying glass (two actually!)
- sticky tape
- a pocket in book that holds squares of sticky contact paper
- a bug/butterfly net
- binoculars
- several pairs of tweezers
- a paintbrush
- digging tool
- bug catcher jar  
A few weeks ago Miss Daisy and I set out alone while little Peppa napped (Daddy was home no holidays!). It was lovely for just the two of us to be able to take it at Miss Daisy's pace, go forwards, backwards, follow this path or that. It didn't matter :) We had such a wonderful time. Before we even set off Miss Daisy drew us a map. We gathered lots of leaves along the way and stopped a few times for water and a little snack!     
We enjoyed using all our senses whilst in the bush (tasted our box of Smarties!). We heard lots of creatures in the bush as we walked. We were fortunate enough to see a blue tongue lizard lazing in the sun too! Miss Daisy asked me to draw an outline and she drew some grass and stones and a baby in it's belly! And she asked me to label her leaf family which she diligently collected!
Do you go exploring? What do you take with you?