Sunday, June 12, 2011

{Scavenger Hunt Sunday #5}

{scavenger hunt sunday #5}

Yay! I've made it for another week with Ashley Sisk! Can't wait to see what others came up with with this weeks prompts! Click the link below to see more great photographs!

Here are my interpretations... come on in and take a look! :)

{Long Exposure}
These are 'from the archives' this is my cousin & some of her friends at her brother's 18th birthday! You've gotta love sparklers! :) Well done E & friends! xx (who was on that 'y'?!)

My lovely niece Miss M and I did some baking at Nanna & Poppa's place this week... Pumpkin Scones... yummy! We decided to use some cookie cutters to make some cute little shapes for our scones! Definitely made them taste better! ;)

These were for Miss Daisy's lunch but I've gotta say I don't mind them myself!! Take a look at the easy recipe here...

{Childhood Memory}
Here's my beautiful girl showing off one of her new tricks... "Cuddles for Dolly" and this dolly is extra special, her name is Sophie and she was my favourite dolly as a girl! Bliss! x


And here is my favourite Bible verse... my parents wrote this verse in my first Bible when I was 5 and they chose my middle name "Joy" from here too! I love this verse... we have it on our living room wall... a good reminder for our day to day life... 
I told my class when I was teaching that it would be great to be able to start and finish every day with our name in place of the word LOVE in this passage... Can you do that? So often we don't even come close! Well, you can put Jesus' name in there and it'd be just fine! But a good one for us to work towards... get some good fruit in your day!! 
Galatians 5:22-23

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