Friday, February 10, 2012

Under The Sea - Rice Play

After our success playing with rice over here I decided to use what was left of the blue and green coloured rice to continue on with our Under The Sea theme.

I picked up these rubber sea animal packs for $1 each and the shells (a bit pricey but a nice addition) were $2!

Miss Daisy had lots of fun exploring the shapes and textures in the rice. 

So many colourful fish to admire.

Scooping rice out with hands into containers was still a favourite passtime. Her coordination with this is getting much better! She still declares a big "Oh nooooo" if the rice spills onto the mat!

Shells are good for scooping too!

And for feeding the fish!

Sometimes they fit together...

Look mummy I can put things together that are the same...

Once she started taking the toys out and doing this I figured I'd encourage her to continue... and she did... 

I was quite amused when she put the crab and octopus together. I asked her what they were and she said, "Spiders!" I guess if she thinks they're both spiders they can stay together! :)

Yep, it's official - rice play is still lots of fun!

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