Thursday, February 16, 2012

Under The Sea - Excursion with friends

Continuing with our Under The Sea fun, we went on an excursion!

We live on the east coast of Australia, only 20 minutes from the beach and have some amazing coastline to explore!

Miss Daisy has been to the beach a handful of times but this was our first time exploring the rock pools! Her cousins, M & L and her beautiful friend Miss J came along for the fun!

Our first stop was the park for a run around and quick play. The sun was shining and the water looked inviting! So off we went to the rock pools!

There is quite a large rock shelf between the ocean and the grassed edge so we had plenty of space to explore safely. Most of the rock pools were only around ankle deep with a few deeper ones along the way so they were perfect for little people to look in , splash in and explore!

In one of the first pools we stopped at Miss J's mummy found a decent sized crab for the kids to look at. We were a little surprised he didn't run away so I did what all brave mummies do and picked him up! Unfortunately he was a dead crab, but in perfect condition for us to look at and little fingers to touch safely!

Miss Daisy was brave enough to touch him a few times...

I think it was cousin Miss M who decided to pick him up and put him back in the water... and that was when he kinda broke!

We moved on to another pool close by and had the kids sit down next to the water. I'd brought along Miss Daisy's ocean toys from our rice play and we allowed the little ones to play with them on the rocks and talked a little about the animals.

It wasn't long before they were thrown into the shallow pool and this created a whole new type of fun! And it wasn't long before little girls thought it would be good to go walking in the water...

and it wasn't long after that that they were quite wet!

All in all it was a great addition to our theme of Under The Sea and a great excursion for each of the kids - even with their varied ages!

Here was the last pool we stopped at! A hole just asking for little hands to dive in!
And just look at Miss Daisy overseeing that fun!

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Have you ventured outdoors lately!?

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