Thursday, August 30, 2012

Three Blogs for a Thursday #13

Here we go again! Another week has passed... here are a couple more of my favourite toddler/teacher blogs for you to enjoy! If you've got little ones, these are essential blogs to trawl through for fabulous ideas and just a nice place to grab a cuppa and meet some mama's who share their days with kids with you!

Here's a look at life through the eyes of a mama with boys! I love entering her 'classroom' and seeing the amazing things she comes up with to engage her boys!

 Ness at One Perfect Day has so many great ideas for toddlers. I love her neat looking blog - it's so easy to read and get lost there! She also hosts some fabulous linkys where you can find even more great blogs!

Lots of fun ideas and just beautiful anecdotes on life with kids to be found here! :) With her frugal ideas and love for the garden she's a woman after my own heart!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Real Life Wednesday

I have written and deleted my post for this photo several times. It seems such a simple photo invokes a lot of mixed feelings on Real Life for me!

I could complain about toddler toilet trips that are always during little sister feed times or big sister naptimes...
Or I could be grateful for a child who has taken herself happily to the toilet since she was one year old!

I could complain about the blue plastic tub in the shower that is the bath for now.
Or I could be grateful for clean running water.

I could complain about the blue walls and tiles.
Or I could be grateful for a fabulous house that has all the things necessary to meet my needs.

I could complain about three bath mats in current use and the washing that will eventually ensue.
Or I could be thankful that I own three bath mats and can cycle them so they dry in rotation in our freezing cold bathroom!

There are many other things I could point out that have two ways to look at it! And I guess that's Real Life isn't it, looking at things in a positive light. Not getting stuck on negatives but seeing the amazing abundance of blessings we actually have.

Oh and note the gumboots... just not Peppa Pig this time!
Linking up with Kate at Picklebums!

Real Life Wednesdays

Friday, August 24, 2012

Australian Busy Bag Swap #2 - Expressions of Interest

Hannah from Paint On The Ceiling and I are very excited to announce our second Australian Busy Bag Swap! After the success of our first swap we're hoping this one will be even bigger and help more mums keep their toddlers 'busy' when they need to most! 

What is a busy bag? A busy bag is a small zip lock bag (or similar) containing an activity that can be done independently or with minimal assistance by your toddler! Basically it's a simple yet engaging activity to keep them busy while you're busy! Great for the car, shops, waiting room or while cooking dinner!

What is a busy bag swap?  A busy bag swap is an organised swap where a group of mums each put together and swap a set number of busy bags. e.g. If you're in a group of ten, you'd put together ten bags of the same activity. Then bags are exchanged so each mum goes away with 10 different activities, one from each of the other mums in her group! 

Here is how it will work!

We will be taking 'sign ups' from today until 2nd September '12. Only Australian residents can participate (apologies to our wonderful international friends). If you commit please ensure you can meet the deadlines to ensure everyone receives their bags of goodies complete and on time! 

Once sign ups close you will be assigned an activity (hopefully one of your choice but we don't want to double up!) Please start to think about an activity you would like to create and duplicate for your group.(perhaps have a 2nd choice in case it's taken)

Upon being emailed your activity you will be given one month to create your duplicate activities and post to myself or Hannah ready for swapping and sending back your completed Busy Bags! (Deadline will be early October)

All activities should be:

Grab & Go: The purpose of a busy bag is to have convenient activities with all necessary components ready to go! Confined to a zip lock or similar bag is ideal. They should be transportable and easy to use at home OR out and about!

Easy to use: The bags shouldn't need extra supplies, particularly those that are messy or need to be set up prior to use (ie. paint) Remember we're encouraging independent play!

Long Lasting: Choose activities that don't need to be restocked. Laminate where necessary. Try to have an activity that is age appropriate for an extended time frame too!

Inexpensive: Activities should come in at around $1-$2 each! We don't want the swap to be a huge cost to anyone. Try to use things you already have or be resourceful with second hand or inexpensive items.

How do I sign up?

Please email justfordaisy11(at)gmail(dot)com and include your
- Name
- Blog URL (if applicable)
- Age/gender of your child(ren)

Extra details you should know:

This Busy Bag Swap will run via mail only. 

Your busy bags will need to be posted to us by October 5 (all details in your sign up email), giving you about a month to complete your duplicate activities and post them off. 

Postage should be in a prepaid satchel (500g size may be okay for initial items - approx $6) and you should include an additional self addressed satchel (500g-3kg size necessary (approx $10) to receive all of your goodies back. (You may choose to go for express or registered satchels for an extra cost or for an extra $1 I think you can have a 'sign on delivery' option added!)

We would hope all recipients have received their completed busy bags by mid-late October! 

Looking forward to hearing from you and hopefully having an even bigger group than we did last time. Please feel free to join in again and encourage your friends and families to participate as well! 

If you have a blog or facebook page please share our Busy Bag Swap with your readers and encourage others to join in!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Three Blog Thursday #12

Wow! That week has simply flown by!
Here are three fabulous blogs for you to check out this Thursday!

1. Triple T Mum
So many fabulous ideas here.. and a wealth of mummy experience! Plus you can link up with the Kids Co-op each week and find other fabulous blogs with great activities for kids!

2. Happy Whimsical Hearts
Another great Australian blog with some excellent ideas for keeping our little ones engaged! I also really love their Happy Li'l Hearts Are Baking series!

3. Childhood 101
This blog is a collaborative effort brought to you by the amazing Christie... you'll find advice, activities, anecdotes and more! You'll get lost here for awhile actually!

Hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do!
I've got a few more great Aussie blogs up my sleeve next Thursday too!

Don't forget to check out past Three Blog Thursdays here!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Real Life Wednesday

You might wonder what Peppa Pig boots and a toothbrush have in common! Add two dogs and a big backyard and you may no where I'm going...
These poor boots have sat waiting since Miss Daisy jumped one particulary muddy puddle at her 2nd birthday party!

On Sunday I was feeling particularly peppy (ha!) and after helping hubby split/stack firewood I decided to attack this yicky job! I stuck them into the fence to hold them steady and took the hose to them... however, they needed a little further attention... and this (now retired!) toothbrush seemed like a handy assistant!

You will be pleased to know they are now clean and sparkling! Ready to adorn Miss Daisy's feet again. Gumboots seem to be footwear of choice around here, whatever the occasion Miss Daisy will gladly slip on her boots!
What quirky 'costumes' have you had to put up with being worn time and time again!?

Linking up with Picklebums Real Life Wednesday.

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Recipe :: Coconut Ice

Here's a yummy {and healthy} twist on an old favourite! Traditionally made, Coconut Ice is not the healthiest of sweet treats. Copha or butter usually makes up the majority of this yummy recipe and although tasty - it's not very good for us!

Well, 3 years ago I was involved in a ladies Boot Camp/Bible Study with some lovely women. One special lady, Veronica, would cook us beautiful soups, fresh bread and healthy treats to enjoy together after our intense exercise session.

This one here is her clever recipe.

Instead of using butter/copha you simply use mashed potato! It binds the coconut together just as well and in all my 'product testing' happy recipients cannot tell the difference!

This is definitely one to try, only 3 simple ingredients, perfect for using leftover mash from dinner without it going to waste.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Three Blogs For A Thursday #11

Have I got a treat for you!

It's Thursday here and that means I'm going to try and get Three Blogs For A Thursday back up and running!

Lately my days and nights have revolved around two special little girls, leaving not much time for blogging! So I thought introducing you to some more of my much loved and frequently read blogs would be a good idea for all!

Here are three fabulous Aussie blogs for you to enjoy!

Kate from Picklebums is so much fun to read! I've long enjoyed this blog since my SIL introduced me... she's also an avid pinner and I can't help but repin almost all of what she discovers! Definitely worth spending some time! Also check out her new linkup "Real Life Wednesday"

What can I say... this amazing blog tied for first place in the Circle Of Mums Top 25 kid bloggers... This was an international competition with some fabulous blogs vying for first place! You will find endless ideas her to keep you and your little ones occupied!

I admire Pauline's creativity and attention to detail. She has some of the most interesting activities and I particularly love one of her latest posts on her Pinterest makeover. I told you, attention to detail! Take a look - you won't be disappointed!

Well, that's me for this Thursday... I still have so many hours I could spend at each of these blogs and MORE!! Looking forward to linking you up to some of my other Aussie Blog Friends next week!

If you're new here take a look at the archives for Three Blog Thursday and get lost for awhile with a cuppa and some fabulous blogs!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Real Life Wednesday

Lately my girls napping has become more and more important to me. And napping simultaneously is... well, it's nothing short of exciting!

I took this shot one day last week. We had been into town and I was feeling rather tired... as we approached the house I noticed both girls were asleep... it must have only been this way five minutes or so... (you see where I'm going I'm sure!)

I pulled into the driveway and grabbed the mail - including a parcel, yay! And decided to reverse right on out and go for a leave them asleep as long as possible quick drive!

This isn't 'our waterfall' which is a 5 minute walk from our door... but another waterfall that is a beautiful long and winding drive through dirt roads and farms around 15 minutes drive from home.

When I arrived there was one car in the carpark (an older couple with visors sipping tea sat on the back) so I decided to keep driving... as I drove on I got to the final lookout and decided to grab a quick photo of these amazing falls. My dilemma was that I wanted to lock the car but I also wanted to leave it running so as not to wake the girls! (Can you guess what took precedence! I'm almost ashamed to say!)

I quickly grabbed my camera and switched it on... the sign said 60m to the lookout... I bolted down the wide bush steps in record time... held the camera in the air and pressed the button three times.... turned around with break neck speed and ran back up the steps, into the car, locked the doors and looked at my handiwork! Not bad!

Real Life here seems to revolve around sleep at the moment, or lack thereof! What's happening with you in real life!?

And tell me, what's the most desperate thing you've done to make sure your child naps!?


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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Where's the park gone?

Our sleepy town has less than 800 residents... when we moved in 5 months ago there was a quaint little wooden park with a swing, fort and slide. Our council decided that it was old and dangerous and Miss Daisy and I walked up three weeks ago to find this...

Miss Daisy was quite concerned that our park had disappeared! As was I. We hung around for awhile and enjoyed the sun and dirt... then sadly left with our question unanswered... "Where's the park gone?"
This prompted phone calls to council, meetings with neighbours (some we hadn't met before) and 3 weeks on we've chosen a new $24,000 park! Eeep! Pretty good considering at the first phone call we were told it would be replaced with a single park bench as they "didn't think anyone would notice!" Take that!

Can't wait to show you once it's complete! We'll be keeping this gem as our little secret I think!

Daisy's Daddy and I have been planning and sketching design ideas for a large playground in our yard since moving here. At first we thought we'd include traditional equipment like a cubby, swings and a slide as well as incorporating some natural components like stepping stones and climbing logs to complement the natural bush setting.

Now that we'll have a fabulous modern playground only 50 metres up the road we've decided to keep it a bit more natural and leave out play equipment like you'd find at the park.

Here are some of the thing we're planning to include...

- Dry creek bed
- Wooden bridge over creek bed
- Tractor tyre filled with sand
- Wooden logs for climbing
- Stepping stones
- Digging garden
- Daisy patch (small flower garden for the girls to play in)
- Wooden balance beam

I would love to hear your ideas on what you think we should include. If you have a blog post or a pinterest board with inspiration for outdoor play leave me a link in the comments section so I can visit!

Look forward to sharing our progress with you! That is once we have a free weekend up our sleeve!

Here's a snapshot of a day in the life of Miss Daisy at the moment... her favourite movie now is Ice Age 3!! She LOVES the dinosaurs!
For a family without commerical television (5 months and going strong!) we seem to have watched our fair share of DVD's in the last 8 weeks... I wonder why that could be!?

But we've also gone to see 'our waterfall' over and over again - she loves to bushwalk. We've played with friends AND we've mastered riding the trike down the driveway and carrying it up again!

Can't wait to hear your thoughts on outdoor play! :)