Friday, February 3, 2012

Pretty Pleated T-shirt Dress

I was going to save this for Monday but couldn't resist posting it now! :)

I've read Ashley's amazing blog Make It And Love It for a while now... nearly 3 years I think! She's got the most amazing ideas and is so generous she shares her tips and tutorials for free! She also has some great patterns and other things available for purchase... head over and take a look!

The latest creation I've pinned and made using her fabulous site is this T-shirt dress using an old t-shirt and making a pleated skirt/sash. 

You need a little bit of sew-how with Ashley's blog because she usually gives you all measurements in the size she made only. So it's always a little adjustment necessary here as so far we've always been a little smaller than her girl (now she has a baby girl too!)... but not too difficult and well worth it for the gorgeous results!

This gorgeous pleated dress came together in around 45 minutes! An easy addition to any little girl's wardrobe! And an easy way to dress up a plain old tee (or repurpose one with a stain on the bottom!)
Miss Daisy is in a size 1 in most Australian clothing. So the sizing I've used could be appropriate for you if you have an 18 month old or so. She's about 11kg if that helps.
(I think this is anywhere from 18 months to 2T in American sizing)

If you follow Ashley's fantastic instructions you can't go wrong... here is a quick explanation of what I did - mostly to include my smaller measurements.

1. Cut off your t-shirt as per instructions

2. Cut two panels of fabric to make your skirt. I cut two panels at 22" wide by about 20" long. Remember you need to have enough length for your folding/hemming top and bottom. And enough width to allow for the amount of pleats/fullness of skirt you desire. (You should use about 3 times the width of your t-shirt if you want quite a full skirt.)

3. Pleat as per instructions... I found that my width wasn't enough to make a really full skirt so I only made 4 pleats in the front and 4 in the back. (Note to self: buy more than half a metre of cute bicycle fabric!)

4. Really mine is all the same as Ashley's from here on again, I direct you to her great tutorial.  I didn't make a sash this time, however, I made a little frayed flower for the front bodice and added a piece of lace. Too easy and too cute!


(Sorry for the quality of photos.. night iPhonography sucks!)

PS. Look at the view outside my new kitchen window - we should sign contracts this week or next! Hooray!

Oh, and check out this cute pile of fat quarters all ready for the postman!
If you're in Australia and want to join in check it out over here! There's still time!

Have a nice day! :)
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