Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Real Life Wednesday - get over it

I've got one of those really realistic husbands. Super calm, super level headed and just all round good tempered! Sorta, kinda a little bit the opposite to me! :) I'm generally the same but for some reason my stress levels increase long before his!

This picture was taken last Monday when Miss Daisy (who takes after her Daddy), Li'l Peppa and I went to the new park up the road while our cleaner did the house! It was obviously the first slide of the day (it was 9am and we're the only ones who use the park anyway!) and the rain from the night before had well and truly settled all over the park.

This was the result of that first glorious slide. A very wet backside! It made me think of two things.
1. I would not have gone down the slide as soon as I'd seen it was wet, the joy of sliding would not be worth the wet backside in my opinion.
2. I would not have wanted to play after getting the wet backside.

Miss Daisy however was insistent on sliding, there was too much fun to be missed! And, she was more than happy to continue to flounce around in her tutu as though nothing had happened. She got over it. She continued on. She enjoyed the park.

When it was time to go, I suggested it would also be a good opportunity to get changed. "Yes Mum, because I'm all wet" was her reply. She knew it all along... but hadn't let it bother her. 

Perhaps sometimes we adults should take a look at our children's reactions. Deal with a wet butt once in a while and the joy that continuing to play on brings!

Don't forget to join in on instagram with our #playmatters community! It's thriving! You can also find the #playmatters board on Pinterest with lots of great ideas for you and your little ones!

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Meals for New Mummies - Tips for Success

Just For Daisy :: Meals For New Mummies Tips for SuccessI've written before about what you can do for a new mummy (or a second, third or tenth time mummy!) Having a baby is one of those times when it's really important that friends and family are there to support those with the newest additions in the world! Some of my fondest memories of my 'new baby' days are those of friends bringing meals, soups, cakes and other amazing additions to the chaos that is motherhood with a newborn in the house!

My husband's cousin is expecting twins any day, she's had to endure 8 weeks on bedrest in hospital, away from her hubby and son as she strives to give her twin boys the best start possible! How amazing that she's now at 33 weeks and still holding on!

I've offered to coordinate a meal's roster for her for when the babies are born (they will probably stay in hospital for a little while) to make things a little easier for mummy, daddy and big brother as they visit, coordinate feeds and just adjust! And then again for when the twinnies come home!

This is one of the greatest gifts you can give new parents!
Here are a few little ground rules to help you
organise a successful meal roster!

Bring plenty of food
It's the best feeling to have not only a meal to enjoy for dinner, but enough to freeze for another meal or pop in the fridge for lunches! Some cupcakes or slice never go astray either! :)

Use disposable containers
Your new parent friends don't need the hassle of coordinating the return of LOTS of dishes, and particularly storing them. Use chinese food containers, zip locks and foil pans where possible. If you can't use disposable then label your own dishes well and don't expect them back the next morning! :)

Arrive at a suitable/agreed time
If you're being relied upon to provide dinner, make sure it's there on time (or early) so that the family can eat when they are ready. It's hard to plan meals around a little one so the earlier the better sometimes. If you can't provide a specific time perhaps offer to provide some frozen meals or cakes instead!

Leave promptly
Yes, there will be a cute baby inside (or two) and yes, there will be lots to catch up on (birth stories may be a bit too fresh!) but it's important that you are very cautious in overstaying. Say a quick hello, peek in at the baby and then politely excuse yourself and allow them to enjoy the delicious meal you've prepared for them! Arrange to return at another time for a catch up! :)

Go it alone
This probably isn't the best time for a full blown family excursion... leave your own children at home if possible and go it alone! Play dates can come later!

I'm not a good cook!
If you don't feel confident to make a meal or don't have time to prepare an evening meal. Perhaps you could deliver a frozen meal as mentioned above or perhaps a bag of groceries would be a way for you to help out!

The finer details
It's a good idea to list ingredients to dishes so that any allergens can be avoided (ask first anyway) as well as mum being able to tell if anything will affect baby if she's breastfeeding.
Also include cooking temperature and times. Reheating instructions. etc.


There are so many amazing recipes online, as well as your own favourites. Try to make it something that transports easily and could be eaten the following day if necessary!

Most of all remember that this is an amazing gift you are giving your loved one. It's the gift of nutrition, time, relaxation and so much more! You are helping them to give their precious new baby the best start and make it a little more relaxed start for mummy and daddy!

I'd love for you to share your best 'new parent' 
meal ideas in the comments below! 
What is your go to meal that you deliver to 
friends and family in need?

Friday, February 22, 2013

Felt Board DIY

One of the most visited pages on my blog is of this simple Christmas gift I made for Miss Daisy for her second Christmas! It's such a simple idea but is loved by children who come to play, young and old alike!
My nephew's birthday snuck up on me (as birthday's seem to do!) and I decided to make him a felt board of his own. I chose to create a Three Little Pigs storyboard style felt board. I cut each of these freehand and then used the glue gun where needed! Miss Daisy enjoyed giving this a practice run and helping me to tell this much loved story!

I also added a truck, road and a load for him to tote.

And of course, a bit of letter recognition and name practice!

You can click to see the original DIY Felt Board post

Thursday, February 21, 2013

What do you do?

What do you do for you?

This is a post where I want to know who's out there. I want to hear from you - mother of two, three, four or more kids. Please leave me a comment and tell me, what do you do for you?

Do you play a sport? Go to a night course?

Have coffee dates with friends? Date nights with your hubby?

Do you sew? Knit? Crochet?

Do you like to garden?

Please tell me... What is it that you do for you that keeps you sane?

Do you do anything at all??

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

When two's a crowd

Do you ever get the feeling with your children that two's a crowd! We're just entering what seems to be a transitional stage of 'playing together' with our girls!
Li'l Peppa is now 8 months old and well and truly on the move... she will commando crawl her way anywhere she pleases with little effort, much to Miss Daisy's delight it's usually toward whatever she's doing!

And so begins the chorus of "Mum, she's coming!" "Mum, she's ruining it" "No, that's mine!" and I'm sure you know many more! :) Look at the excitement on her face as she gets closer.... closer... nope, big sister swipes them up and they're gone! 

Alternatively, gather as many toys as you can manage on your lap and pout!

And so we've entered into a stage of learning. Learning to share and learning to be patient and kind. Miss Daisy is already pretty good at this and we love that we see these traits in her so often. But I can see that a curious little sister will be a good challenge for her! :) 

How about you? Is two a crowd at your place?

Monday, February 18, 2013

Because #playmatters

During 2012 I had the privilege of getting to know some other Australian "Kid Bloggers" a lot better and working collaboratively with them on a number of things! My love for creating meaningful and engaging play experiences has also grown throughout 2012 as my gorgeous Miss Daisy has grown too!

Well, this group of amazing bloggers have begun something new and exciting for 2013! We'd love you to join us! We believe that #playmatters, that play is important to the development of our children and that play doesn't have to be with the latest toys or the greatest of planning!

Here's how you can join us on our #playmatters adventure! :) I'd love for you to join us!

1. Head over and 'follow' our #playmatters Pinterest board for all the latest and greatest play ideas to help emphasize that play matters in your home. We'll do all the work for you and source the best play ideas on the web.

2. If you're on instagram (who's not, it's addictive!) you can follow along with the #playmatters tag and see what everyone is up to! It's growing to be a great community with Aussie parents and parents around the globe who interact and share their play ideas as they happen through the day! Tag #playmatters with your daily play, we'd love to see what you get up to!

3. And of course you can continue to follow Just For Daisy on facebook where I will link you up with the best ideas from this group of amazing parents.

Look forward to seeing you and can't wait to share more of what we're up to because #playmatters!

#playmatters so, who are we?
A group of Aussie bloggers who believe that #playmatters

Friday, February 15, 2013

Scones - A Toddler Friendly Recipe

Just For Daisy :: Scones Recipe

When I was teaching I would do a weekly reward system, the 'major prize' was a morning tea with the teacher, me! Our morning tea was full of home made goodies that I would bake and share with those children who earned such a merit throughout the week. (Somehow every child got at least one morning tea each term, *wink*) One of the most frequent things I would make were my scones with jam and cream! I have always made scones the 'traditional' way, by hand, no machine help! I love the feeling of combining the butter and flour until it's lovely and crumbly between my fingers... the way the dough comes together as the milk joins the party. Kneading it and sprinkling on the extra flour as I go. One mum commented how I should use a mixer as she just throws all the ingredients in and doesn't have to touch it etc. I sort of laughed, shrugged it off and said I enjoyed it :-) 

Fast forward three years and life looks a little different. There are now two little ones in the mix and lots of other busyness to drive me toward my machine friends once again. This Breville mixer was a gift from my mother in law one Christmas and it has a permanent home on my bench and is often used more than once a day!
Just For Daisy : Scones Recipe

And yes, we've started using the mixer to do our yummy scones, Miss Daisy loves to measure and add the ingredients and is basically at the point now where I'm just supervisor extraordinaire and she makes the scones solo! The funnel on top is great for added safety with the sharp blades of the mixer. We made these together for the first time when she was 9 months old... I wrote the recipe in the journal I keep for her just last week - perhaps one day she'll make scones with her babies!

Just For Daisy : Scones Recipe

Just For Daisy : Scones RecipeJust For Daisy : Scones Recipe

Just For Daisy : Scones Recipe

Here's what you need:
120g butter, chopped
2 Tbs caster sugar
5 cups SR flour
2 cups milk
extra flour for dusting

Here's what we do:
1. Add your chopped butter, SR flour and caster sugar to the mixer and pulse until combined with the appearance of fine bread crumbs.
2. Add 2 cups milk while mixer is running, a sticky dough will form. When combined to a sticky dough turn off mixer.
3. Flour your bench/workspace, tip dough onto bench and sprinkle flour on top. Knead until a stretchy dough forms :) It shouldn't be sticky anymore... this is a popular part for those with little hands!
4. Roll out to about 2cm thick, cut circles with a cookie cutter or scone cutter (mine are from Tupperware!)
5. Place in a lightly greased pan, close together is fine, dust with flour.
6. Put in 180'C oven for around 15 minutes or until golden brown!

Enjoy with jam and cream! :-)

This batch size makes around 40 scones. I usually freeze them in groups of 2 or 4 and have them ready to zap in the microwave and enjoy as a simple morning tea or grab them out in bulk for surprise guests! That's of course if they aren't eaten first! :-)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sorry we've been too busy having fun!

It seems the poor blog hasn't had a huge amount of attention lately! :) We've been doing all sorts of fun things, some have photos archived for future blog posts... others were just for the fun of it! And what fun we've had....

Haircuts for Mr Potato Head                   Stamping with Christmas stamps

Crafting for sick Great Poppy and visiting in hospital             Making yummy scones

Puzzles galore! And letters!                               Social calls! 

We made a paper mache bowl                               And danced to Justine Clarke

Lots of painting!                              And a little weaving and winding!

                          Washing dishes after baking                        And a little more painting

We also did Ten Bottle Bowling!

What have you been playing lately?

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Vegemite and Cheese Scrolls with only 4 ingredients!

And two of those ingredients are Vegemite and cheese!

Yes, that means I'm going to share with you a 2 ingredient bread recipe! You can use it for bread, scrolls or pizza dough! It comes via the amazing Pauline of Lessons Learnt Journal so head over there to see the yummy scrolls she made and to find out more about this amazing 2 ingredient bread!

What would your best scroll combination be? I've now made three batches of cheesymite! As soon as I remember to buy feta we'll be having feta and spinach scrolls! :)

One of the best things is that this recipe is VERY toddler friendly! Easy to get them involved, simple ingredients you'll have on hand!

Cheesymite Scrolls

1 batch of 2 ingredient bread
On first rolled layer spread some vegemite and grated cheese. 
Add second rolled layer, roll, cut and place on tray.
Sprinkle a little extra cheese on top! :) 
Bake and enjoy! :)

Don't forget to check out the real recipe via Lessons Learnt Journal

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Photo Shoot with Vanessa Jane Photography

We had the absolute pleasure of hosting our good friend last weekend as she was shooting a wedding close to our home. You can check out her amazing talents at Vanessa Jane Photography.

Well, she was so kind and took some amazing shots of our girls the following morning. I've posted some here as a sneaky peak but you must head over and look at those she's posted on her blog Vanessa Jane Photography, please leave her a comment and say hello!
Take a look around at her other work, it's stunning!