Saturday, February 4, 2012

What do To: Cc: and Bcc: mean when I email?

Lately I've joined in with a few extra linky parties and have been receiving group emails as a courtesy to remind me to link up the following week. Fabulous! I need reminders!

However, I've sent three (polite) emails to some of these lovely ladies explaining the privacy issue of putting the whole group list in the To: or Cc: section of your email. It means all recipients are disclosed to one another. Not the best and it's easy to avoid!

Anyway, it's something I've encountered in the past too amongst party planning hosts etc and I have discovered not many people know what Bcc: is.

Here's my short and sweet explanation:

If you're sending an email to one person you would use the To: section. Easy!

If you're sending it to a group of people you have a few options.

When I send a group email to my family I know that each member is privy to the others' email address already so I put them all in the To: section.

When I would send professional emails at school as a teacher I would address emails with the main recipient in the To: section and address the email to them personally. Sometimes I would also need to send a copy to my grade partner or head teacher so I would send them a 'carbon copy' or Cc:

The email wasn't addressed directly to them but they needed the information. By including them in the Cc: section the main recipient could see that this person had also received the message.

Finally we have the Bcc: or blind carbon copy. This one is a fabulous tool, especially for linky hosts sending out group emails.

A blind carbon copy means that your recipients cannot see one another. They may or may not know it's a group email, but they never have access to the full list of emails.

This protects the recipient's privacy, as well as keeping your precious contacts list private! Easy!

How did that go? All make sense?

I'd love to know in the comments section whether you knew this or not and how you use Cc: and Bcc:

Hope this helps you a little!