Sunday, December 18, 2011

DIY Felt Board - Great Gift Idea

Just For Daisy :: DIY Felt Board Gift Idea

We've tried to go handmade with most of our Christmas gifts this year. Trying to use our 'special talents' to create unique gifts that will hopefully be useful and treasured.

Miss Daisy is certainly no exception and both Daddy and Mummy have had some little projects on the go! (And still on the go! How many days until Christmas!?!) Daddy brought home a half finished bed side table from work and has (partially) transformed it into a little kitchen stove for Miss Daisy to play with. We're hoping to develop a whole wooden kitchen over the next few years for her to play with!

One of my little projects was a felt board for Miss Daisy to play with. I've seen a few great felt toys which I've pinned on Pinterest and have since seen a fun felt play board over here.
I decided this would be an easy gift to make, one we could add to easily in the future and one that could be educational as well as enjoyable!

What you will need: 

A painting canvas (your choice of size) I made mine small enough to be handheld in the car etc
A large piece of felt to cover your board
A range of coloured felt to cut out your themed pieces
Glue-gun, Scissors, Stanley knife

How to:

Cut a large piece of felt that will cover your canvas and go around the edges
I placed some hot glue on the surface of the canvas and laid it on the felt, then I cut a square out of each corner equal to the edges to prevent bulk and used hot glue to secure felt around each edge, pulling it taut as I went.

Once you've covered your board in the desired colour you can set that aside and cut out your themed pieces (obviously this part can vary widely!)
I used a combination of scissors and a stanley knife to cut pieces depending on the size of the piece. Some were fiddly and had to be hot glued together (see curtains!) and others were just simple geometric shapes!

Just For Daisy :: DIY Felt Board Gift Idea

Here are the themes I decided on:

Under the SeaJust For Daisy :: DIY Felt Board Gift Idea

City ScapeJust For Daisy :: DIY Felt Board Gift Idea
Home Sweet HomeJust For Daisy :: DIY Felt Board Gift Idea

Five Little DucksJust For Daisy :: DIY Felt Board Gift Idea
Now of course Miss Daisy will be free to play with these as she wishes... and these 'themes' can be integrated into one another! I'm sure she will have some creative interpretations!
Here are a few of mine!

Just For Daisy :: DIY Felt Board Gift Idea

Looking forward to seeing how Miss Daisy plays with it.
As time goes on I'd love to add a counting board, her name and perhaps some themes to match books she loves etc! 

The opportunities are endless!

Update: Here's a cute Three Little Pigs themed board I did for my nephews birthday recently! 

Here are some other fabulous handmade gift ideas I've had fun with (click on picture to be taken to link) and I've got lots from around the web on my Gift Ideas - Handmade Pinterest Board.

Handpainted Pirate Story Stones
Handmade Pirate Story Stones :: Just For Daisy

Silhouette Canvas

Microwave Playdough

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Our Christmas Intention 2011

We've really been anticipating fulfilling our Christmas Intention once again. I suppose even after two years it can't be called tradition, but our tradition seems to be an annual event thus far! ;)

Well, here is last years gorgeous picture! She seems so small! 
Christmas Giving Tree -  2010

Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Craft & Putting Up The Tree

Hubby and I have never totally got into the hype of Christmas. Neither of us is really fond of receiving gifts and we generally don't get caught in the hype of the holiday. Well, now that we have begun the journey of having children I imagine Christmas will adapt a little bit as Miss Daisy and siblings (God willing) grow!

Here's a rundown of 'putting up the tree' at our place! :)
It's not quite as extravagant as that! Impressive though!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Three Blogs For A Thursday #6

I haven't done this in a while but thought I'd share some of what I've been reading lately! :)

I've loved perusing through this delightful blog of Rhonda's. It's really made me consider where we can improve the way we run our household. This is where I got the fabulous 'recipe' for the Laundry Liquid which I made (and LOVE!). I've also come up with some other great ideas for around the house. Looking forward to the release of Rhonda's book! Definitely worth a visit.

I found this site in my travels and couldn't resist making these delicious Banana Cookies! Arent' they cute, shaped like little bananas! Miss Daisy enjoyed these, but they kept going missing... I discovered that Daddy had quite a fancy for them too! A hit for everyone! Yum!

I am loving all the crafty things that this blog has to offer! And they have a regular blog hop to help you mingle! Yay! What a great place to hang out! :-) I love their cute Snowmen Festive Craft... head over and take a look!

What have you been browsing this week!? Feel free to share in the comments below - I'd love to visit your blog or a blog you suggest!

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Baking - Yummy Apricot Delight

Something that I don't buy very often but really enjoy is Apricot Delight. It's just so pricey!
Well, what better than to make your own! It's simple and very tasty! I'm trying to decide if I was actually fooled into believing it was 'good for me'!?


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Cooking - Easy Caramel Tarts & Vanilla Cupcakes

It was our Mother's Group Christmas party on Saturday. It was such a lovely day and amazing to see how much our 'babies' have changed - particularly compared with last years Christmas photo! (which Miss Daisy was absent from as we went to my school lunch...anyhew...!)

It was a lovely morning and I had offered to bake some Christmas cupcakes for the kids. I figured I'd make something yummy for the mummies too! Take a look!


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Homemade Laundry Liquid

Keeping on with our initiative to save money and reduce our impact on the environment I have been doing some research on homemade alternatives for everyday household cleaning items.

There are some really simple ones which we already use such as eucalyptus oil, vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. These are for a whole range of jobs around the house; mopping floors, sanitising sinks/toilets, fabric softener and other general household cleaning.


I've also recently started using a cloth nappy wipe solution and using my cloth wipes again. It's really simple, just:

1 cup water, 1 Tbs olive oil (you could use baby oil), 1 Tbs baby wash (I use the Gaia Baby range), I also added a few drops of lavender oil as a light fragrance and for it's antibacterial/antifungal properties!

I keep the solution in a spray bottle and simply spray on the cloth wipe before wiping Miss Daisy, then it goes into the nappy bucket along with the used cloth nappy. Easy! For on the go I presoak a few wipes and place them in a plastic zip lock I kept from a set of crayons!

However, as the title suggested, this post is intended for a concoction of a different variety! 

Something I haven't tried up until now but have talked about for a long time!

I was previously using the 'Earth Choice' brand of laundry liquid and fabric softener. I changed a few months ago to using vinegar as my fabric softener and have been super happy! With the price and the result! I also use vinegar on my cloth nappies every now and then before the final rinse as a strip wash to clear them of any chemicals/creams.

After reading this fabulous blog I discovered Rhonda's recipe for simple laundry liquid and couldn't resist making up a batch! You can get lots of fabulous info from her post (and her whole blog!) but I'll do a few of my own calculations here!

Product Cost:
I bought the necessary ingredients from Woolworths.
Lux Flakes 700g           =   $6.42
Borax 500g                    =   $3.98
Washing Soda 1kg        =   $2.79

I used:
1 cup Lux flakes            =   $0.69
1/2 cup washing soda  =   $0.35
1/2 cup borax                =  $0.75

TOTAL COST:              =   $1.79 for 10 litres!

Considering I was buying 'Earth Choice' detergent (which is one of the cheapest available) and it was costing me $1/litre... That's a saving of $8.21!! Yay! 

Here's what I did with Rhonda's easy recipe from her blog!

1. Put 1 1/2 litres of water on the stove (I used my regular saucepan/whisk)
    Add 1 cup soap flakes, 1/2 cup borax and 1/2 cup washing soda

2. Allow to dissolve fully as you stir it whilst on low-medium heat.

3. The whisk helped me to get the soap flakes to separate and dissolve. It made some  
    bubbles on the top but left a lovely mix below!

4. Put approximately 8 litres of cold water in a 10L bucket. Add the hot soapy mix to the
    cold water and stir.

5. This made about 10L of liquid and I divided it amongst some containers we had in our

6. These are my two bottles I'll use to pour from, I've left a little space at the top to allow me to shake the mixture as it will separate and need to be mixed together before adding to the wash!

And that's it! Easy and super cheap! 

Now the big test - how does it work! 
Well, I'll update you soon! 

Looking forward to trying it out!

UPDATE: 27/4/12 - We've been using this laundry liquid exclusively since I posted this recipe. No complaints. Early on I worked out the right quantity for certain loads ie. I put more in for a load of hubby's work clothes and don't need quite so much for Miss Daisy's load. With nappies I often add a few drops of tea tree straight into the wash or vinegar in the fabric softener compartment to help strip them a little...
Let me know if you've tried this and what you think!
I've also been adding lavendar oil as I make it on the stove to give it a little fresh scent for our clothes/linen! Perfect! And the savings are awesome! Love skipping past all the washing powder products at EVERY grocery shop! :)

UPDATE: 5/3/13  - We're coming up to two years of using homemade laundry liquid in our home. How exciting! Hope you've given this one a try too! $1.79 for 10L is an incredible saving for your household!

UPDATE: 14/4/14 - Yes, that's right! We're still using this laundry liquid!! My favourite is still to make it and add a little tea tree oil into the mix when I'm adding the cold water! :) Smells great and adds an antibacterial property to the washing liquid! Good luck!

Low tech living & Chick Pea Salad

I don't know whether it's just adulthood or whether having children spurs it on - but we're in the mode of money saving and endeavouring to be wise & sustainable with our resources and money.

I've been reading blogs lately that I've found from keyword searches like, "Thrifty", "Frugal", "Simple Living", "Natural", and "Homemade"... they're full of great ideas for maintaining the family home whilst being environmentally friendly and watching your wallet!

I've been trying to think of some of the low tech options we use around the house to do just that!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Shortbread and Shopping

Well, it's that time of year again. Christmas is coming and oh so quickly!

My little blogging break was extended after my sewing blitz for the Just For Daisy facebook sale. Why? Well, we are expecting our second child in June next year! Unfortunately this little one has made his/her presence known thus far and I've been a little too under the weather for a lot of things, least of all blogging! 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Back soon

It's been so long since my last post! So much has been happening this month!

In usual fashion I left the blog alone while we enjoyed the school holidays as a family! We had such a wonderful time together with family and friends. Time to readjust to days at home without a second set of adult hands.

I've started a Summer Collection of children's clothing which will be revealed on the Just For Daisy Facebook page on November 1.

So, at the moment I'm sewing madly and generally living life! Be back soon xxx

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Three Blogs For A Thursday #5

I haven't been in blog land over the last week. It's school holidays for the Mr and so we're enjoying some family time.
I've also been sewing a lot for the upcoming Just For Daisy Summer Collection I'm releasing on facebook and  Nov 1st - stay tuned!

Here are my three blogs for this Thursday! Head over and take a look! :)

Lovely blog with some delightful ideas. I particularly love the pinterest parties! :) Take a look!

I love reading the happenings from Amy at A Good Life. She also posts on Instagram a lot! And I love Instagram!

This Mama has the most amazing style! I pine for a 'new' wardrobe every time I look through her trendy fashion posts. A challenge to use the things I've got in new creative ways! 

Looking forward to sharing some pics of what I've been sewing soon! :) 

I'll be back to blogland properly after our family holiday time is up! :) 

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Just For Daisy on Facebook

Guess who's on Facebook! 
Yes - it's Just For Daisy!

I've decided to share my blog in the wide world of facebook AND start a little business venture selling handmade goodies! Visit my page or you can follow along using the link to our facebook page on your sidebar.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Three Blogs For A Thursday #4

It's funny having a 'weekly post' because every week I exclaim how quickly Thursday has come again! And it's no different this week! :)

Here are my Three Blogs for this Thursday - enjoy! :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pimp my ERGO - Drool Pads for Baby Carriers

Well, it's nearly International Baby Wearing Week (October 10-16) and I'm organising a fun family event in the Wollongong Botanical Gardens for families who are interested in babywearing or would like to find out more! If you're in the area please come along! :)
Babes in Arms and ERGObaby are sponsoring with some great prizes available! 

I thought my poor little camel/black ERGObaby carrier might be a tad boring for such a celebration! So, I decided I'd make a few tutorials to pimp it up a little!! 

I'm hoping to find a way to 'alter' the hood - perhaps with a trendier fabric than camel! However, to start with I've gone with a really simple project... DROOL PADS

{Scavenger Hunt Sunday #10}

Here are my interpretations of this week's prompts:

{Street Photography}
 Our neighbour is moving. So in true fashion (well, in our neighbourhood anyway!) he burnt some of his furtniture that he couldn't take! What becomes of illegal backyard fires? Burning down shared fences, that's what! So yesterday I had three friendly firemen here putting out the fire! :) This is the view of our street as they left! ( I like how the bin lids match the truck!)
  I lift up my eyes to the mountains — where does my help come from? 
My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.
 He will not let your foot slip — he who watches over you will not slumber;

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Three Blogs For A Thursday

Here we go again! :) It's Thursday.... here is a little of what I've been reading this week! :) Some lovely blogs for you to visit! 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

5 a Day Books - Reading with Children #3

This week I thought we'd jump on board with having a theme for our 5 A Day Books.
We've stuck with our theme of colours from our play session earlier in the week.

Miss Daisy likes to say the colour names when sorting her toys, particularly the coloured letters in the bath - not always does the correct name come out but her responses are fairly contextual! 

Here are our five for this week
They're books we had at home which was nice as we didn't make it to the library last week. We'll swap our library books tomorrow!

The last one is a lift the flap book and is very well loved. She got it for Christmas from her Great Nanna last year and she fell in love with the bright pictures and the fun lift-the-flap style.

What are you reading with your little ones? Any suggestions for a theme for next week!?

Linking up again this week with The Imagination Tree & Smiling Like Sunshine.

5 a day books

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