Friday, January 16, 2015


We've been oh so busy these holidays! But it's been so nice to have Daddy home for around 6 weeks now! And just a week to go! These guys absolutely adore their Daddy and I think he's pretty neat too!
He has worked incredibly hard this holidays to build us an amazing new kitchen/dining! And done an awesome job at it too! I'm looking forward to sharing some pictures of our new space!

We've been enjoying the slow pace of home the last week or so... with some necessary outtings and a sleepover at Nanna's but overall it's been slow, home based and easy! 

Our little lion cub (who's not so little) is fast approaching 5 months old! How does that even happen!? All his little milestones are bittersweet as I see them fade into the distance knowing it's probably the last time for us!

My little mini me. My joy and delight. She has grown up so much in the last little while! She's calmed. She's grown funnier (if possible) and even more clever! We're loving seeing her personality shine even brighter!

This little dude likes to spend time here! He's a bit of a mummy's boy and likes to be close to the action! Thankfully I enjoy carrying him and he's grown used to the wrap and will often fall asleep in there! His sleep has improved ever so much! Almost like a switch but it did take some changes and a little tough love! :)

And Miss Daisy - well she's growing up every day too! Where does the time go? Her interest in drawing keeps increasing and she's getting quite good at representing things in her pictures! I shared this one on instagram recently! Note there are no training wheels on the bike pictured - because she doesn't use them! Woot! What was that about milestones disappearing!?

Anyway, life is good. Too good to blog ;) And I'm run off my feet most days! I'm loving our new kitchen/dining area and the freedom it will bring our household in relation to meals, family time and entertaining! Stay tuned for a post on that but for now I'll leave you with this cutie!

What have you been up to? I'd love to visit your little space on the interweb - leave me a comment and I'll pop over... my Feedly is always updating faster than I can read it but there's so many blogs I miss getting to regularly! :) xx

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Review: Love To Dream Swaddle Up

If you follow me on instagram then you'd know that our little lion cub has decided that he does not like to sleep in the daytime hours unless he is nicely snuggled in and nestled in our arms. Rocking, shushing, dancing, patting are all part of his day sleep repertoire. Oh boy!!

We received a Love To Dream Swaddle Up when our little lion cub was about 4 weeks old. 
The first two times we used it he threw up on it so it spent time in the washing basket. (Mt Washmore can be rather large these days!)
Then we seemed to have the world's worst sleeper on our hands from around the same time. So we've been wrapping him arms down, straight jacket style in a very stretchy wrap. (Note: this did not help him sleep any better!)

He's reached the 10 week mark (where did that time go?!) and his sleep has improved (ever so) slightly. And now that he's a little stronger he fights that straight jacket and gets his arms up and out. He wants them up! But he is not ready to be completely unwrapped.

This is where the Love to Dream Swaddle Up came back out to play full time! Below is a pic of him ever so small with a full view of the Swaddle Up. This is a medium for my big boy who was nearly 6kg at just one month old!

His hands are up by his face the way he likes it. It's so nice and snug and contoured to his body shape. 

The zip is a two way zip and there's a space in the back so that it could be worn in a pram or car seat. Also good to keep arms in for any quick overnight nappy changes during sleep times for minimum disturbance!

He definitely sees being zipped into the Swaddle Up as a sleep cue which is great! And I think the snugness around his body is comforting for him too.

Here he is this week all snuggled in his cot. Sleeping in his cot is still a rarity here during the day but we are persevering with attempting to have him sleep in his cot when we can! And we've had a few small victories!


And there's nothing like some milk drunk smiles to make you giggle! 

You can find out more about the Swaddle Up over at the Love To Dream website.
For older children you might like to read my past review of the Love To Dream Inventa Sleeping Bag.

Now hit me with your sleep tips! We'll give anything a shot!

Disclaimer: Although I was not paid to write this post I was gifted a Swaddle Up from Love to Dream. All opinions are my own :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Spinach, Pumpkin and Fetta Pie

Days are hit and miss here. Some days we get things done. Other days my three loves (well the two smalls in particular) struggle through the day vying for my attention. Attention which is tricky to give between breastfeeding, shush patting and rocking/any other crazy method of inducing sleep to the sleepless!

Last week we had a particularly successful day! And we baked! We made dinner in advance and even created a little healthy(ish) dessert too!

First up we made a simple shortcrust pastry with butter, flour and iced water. Easy I tell ya!


I love making this yummy frittata but I also am a sucker for pastry... yum! So decided that I'd make it more of a pie/quiche. Call it what you will it was delicious!

We rolled our pastry and lined two 30cm pie dishes. Yes, two! Then we lined them with baking paper and filled with some brown rice I use for blind baking... and we baked them until lightly cooked.

Next we filled each dish with some delicious spinach that we pulled from the veggie patch. I love using food from our garden with the girls. It's so amazing to see their connection with food from the garden to the table! Miss Daisy has acquired a love affair for kale chips!
So in went the spinach, some steamed pumpkin and feta. I also threw in a handful of yummy fresh herbs from the garden, spring onions, basil and rosemary and grated some cheese over each pie.

Then came the eggs. Our neighbour's chooks are laying really well so we are getting delicious fresh eggs from them regularly! The second pie went to these neighbours, perhaps in exchange for the eggs, or perhaps because they've been having my three kids over to play to give me a break the last few weeks. Or perhaps it's just because we love our neighbours!

So the eggs, I think I used around 8 eggs and added milk (would've added cream if I had it). Whisk whisk whisk and then pour evenly over each pie, filling the gaps!

Then back in the oven until cooked!

Hubby arrived home to no kids and one pie left on the stove top fresh out of the oven. And he promptly called our other neighbours who then brought their kids over for a chimenea, some wine and helped us polish off this pie. And a delish quinoa and kale salad we whipped up. See I told you I was having a good day. 

We seriously live in such a wonderful little community! 

Not much of a recipe (or post for that matter!) but it's sort of one from the head, or perhaps it's from the heart! :) One I'll make again regardless! :)

Monday, October 27, 2014

Life as 5

"One, Two, Three, Four, Five people are in our family.
One, Two, Three, Four, Five people are in our family. 
We are best friends that love each other, that's our family, that's our family!"
Now sing it like Muno from Yo Gabba Gabba! My girls can be found humming or singing this to themselves of late! Quite cute really!

Our little lion cub has certainly made his presence known. 7kg of needy newborn! We've rocked and patted and shushed and muddled our way through the last 9 weeks! Thankfully he agrees to sleeping at night with mostly just one quick feed in the wee hours of the morning. 

Daytime is his trying time... Cuddles in the sling seem to be an all round solution for nap success and mummy still getting things done or playing with the girls. 

But how could you not give in to snuggles with those big blue eyes!?

So washing is taking a little longer to hang out! (And being done at 11pm!)
Dishes are dirty in the sink a few minutes more.
It takes advance planning and baby seating arrangements to water the veggie patch!
Dinner is cooked with little cub in the sling.
Dinner is sometimes yogurt. Or eggs. Or toast. 
Dinner is often cooked by hubby.
Dinner is awesome!
On the plus side - hubby bought me a Dyson Cordless Vacuum. It is amazing! Everyone should have one! It may even beat my dirty little secret that he gifted me last time we had a baby!!

Anyway, some days are rough. Some nights are rough. But we're persevering... and speaking of perseverance.. I stumbled upon these wonderful reminders to myself!