Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Repurposed & Restored Coffee Table

On one of my latest op shopping trips I picked up this fabulous little coffee table for $7.50.
It's just over 1 metre long and about 60 cm high. Perfect for our new lounge room in the new abode... (more on that soon I promise!)

It wasn't really my colour choice at all and with chocolate lounges it's not what I would pair up in a cold climate lounge room - we need some colour in there!

Here were a couple of pics that inspired me...
I knew I wanted something bright... I've always loved the bright teal type colours but wasn't sure...

source: google images

It needed a little TLC... I had to glue/hammer the dowels back into two of the feet... I used some quick bond wood glue (work quickly and wipe away any mess promptly!) 

I tried to turn it upright after the "10 minute drying time" but it was a little frail and I figured it was better to wait longer so sanded it off a little then waited 'til the next day to put pressure on the feet. They were VERY strong by the morning!

Do you like my sanding block!? It was a little book from a friend of mine from years back that Miss Daisy had played with out on the deck! The lazy way to get a sanding block - whatever's closest!

I gave it a few coats with a white gesso I have had for years from back when my hubby stretched me some canvases and we had to paint them! I didn't know where he stored our white undercoat and I knew this would help the paint adhere even better since I hadn't done a full on sanding job! (Again, the lazy way!)

So the big colour reveal... I went with this colour here from Dulux called Zuni! It is hard to tell from the colour chip but it really has a beautiful brightness to it once on the coffee table... I actually think it looks like the bottom one Laguna Teal once dried! (keep scrolling!)

It still needs a second coat and then it will find pride of place in our living room!  But here is a pic for your enjoyment! Don't you just LOVE the colour! I do!