Monday, February 6, 2012

Collage making with a toddler

Yesterday we did some free play time outside with paints.
Miss Daisy has a little easel and I have clipped large sheets of art paper to the whiteboard side ready for painting opportunities. (Paints are stored outside too!)

It was hot, she was nude, we'd played lots of other games... so, it was a painting opportunity!

I was using my acrylic paints and just dabbing a dot of different colours on the paper for her to spread with the brush... and eventually her fingers and hands!

After a while, I decided to strategically place a few dots and created a background of sea and seaweed. And a second artwork which would become a backdrop for something 'Valentine' for Daddy!

This is them this morning:
I have always loved collage and the look that so many mixed mediums give to a piece of art. Especially children's art.

This was a very 'adult assisted' activity (my daughter is 19mo) but was also a great teaching opportunity. We looked at some Under The Sea type books and used these to discuss where things should go on Miss Daisy's collage!



I absolutely love the illustrations in the Ruth Galloway books Clumsy Crab and Smiley Shark! And who could ever go past Looking For Crabs by Bruce Whatley as a beach themed book! These illustrations are amazing too... I love watching the sneaky crabs and so does Miss Daisy! Miss Daisy also has a felt board with an Under The Sea theme so was pretty good at identifying where things should go.

What we used:
- Coloured foam sheets (cut into shapes by Mummy)
- fabric scraps
- paint/paper
- PVA glue
-googly eyes

Here's some photos of our fun! 

The googly eyes proved to be a good fine motor exercise after they were poured out across the table!

Our Valentine's craft didn't quite make the cut off with Miss Daisy's interest transferring from collage to her puzzles in the bedroom - not sure why she thought of them but we transitioned to that instead!
Valentine's craft to be continued...

So excited that my Cheat's Cushion Cover was featured at Serenity You:
Serenity you