Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The new park!

You might remember me posting a while ago wondering where our park had gone?

Well, it's finally finished! And it meets the whole family's approval!

Isn't it just fabulous! In my post above I detailed that the budget was $24,000 - it seems they almost doubled that and gave us this brilliant park!
We had a lovely time trying out the new play equipment... we did have our neighbour's company when we first arrived but very quickly had the whole park to ourselves!

What a wonderful addition to our new home having this only 100m away from our property! We were a little sad they weren't replacing it with another wooden structure, however, the colour scheme chosen is just great!

We love that they added a natural element with the large sandstone rocks around the border too! We think we might paint some stones with flowers and fairies and hide them up at the park for everyone to enjoy! What do you think?

We also met two 'new neighbours' at the park yesterday whom we haven't met before which was great!
Here's to a neighbourhood Christmas party in the new park!

And a little update on our own magical garden play area too!... Miss Daisy, mummy and daddy have all been busy and so far this is how it looks!

We've got lots of things we'd love to add but we're happy to say it's being thoroughly enjoyed as is too!

Hope you're having a lovely week.

I'm being swept up in reading about Waldorf Education this week - what's inspiring you?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Real Life Wednesday - Friends

Miss Daisy & Miss J. These two have known each other since they were a few weeks old. I love them together. I love their mummy's being together! I can't wait for many more photos like this. Moments like this. Friends like this are great! xxx 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Making A Geoboard Busy Bag with Activity Card Printable

Well our second Australian Busy Bag Swap is all but over! Participants will be receiving their bags in the mail this week and their children will be enjoying the amazing collection of Busy Bags from our contributors.

This time around I made a Geoboard with activity cards and I'd love to share with you how we made it.
Just For Daisy :: Make a Geoboard Busy Bag & Printable
Hubby was kind enough to cut up 11 pieces of pine for me in a 6" squares. Miss Daisy and I painted them blue (hers was treated with some extra colours!) and we added a piece of 5" felt to the backside.

Next I made a template for where our nails would sit on the geoboard... using this I dotted each board ready for the nails. They are approximately 1" apart.

I developed a simple template in Word after seeing these ones but wanting each square to be separate and just make some detailed touches myself. (Unfortunately the day I was printing my parents printer wasn't working so my sister and I hand ruled each of these patterns for all 11 Busy Bags!)

We laminated the cards and included a set of blank ones too! I grabbed a few bags of thick elastic bands from the junk shop and voila, put it all together and you have a geoboard!

This size is perfect for toddler hands, easy to pick up and a good size to manipulate bands around the nails. It would be great to use in the car or slip in your nappy bag for some quiet time in a waiting room.
Miss Daisy enjoyed getting the hang of stretching and positioning the elastic bands. The pictures will be something we work our way up to!

I'd love to know if you make your own geoboard! (Alternatively you could make 11 like I did!) :)

I would love to share with you my simple template you can use for a 5x5 Geoboard just like this one! Click on the pictures to be taken to the free download.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Handmade Story Stones - A Pirate Party Gift

Pirate Story Stones :: Just For Daisy
After collecting and washing our river rocks, we brought them inside and talked about painting them for Mr 5's Pirate Party present.
Due to a crying 4 month old our painting time was cut short and this turned into an evening therapy session for mummy instead- with me painting this collection of pirate themed rocks on my own.

Once again I want to point you to my inspiration for these - Hannah's amazing story stones are a favourite here (and all over Pinterest!) for all Miss Daisy's friends who come to play and Miss Daisy herself has had hours of fun and created endless games/stories using these amazing visual prompts. Hannah talks about how she originally used the concept of story stones to create unique stories with her then 2 year old.
Pirate Story Stones :: Just For Daisy
I am not as artistic as Hannah and would struggle to create such amazing images on my own. However, I brought up some google images of pirate themed 'things' on my iPad and was able to copy them onto my stones freehand with a very fine paintbrush. I really enjoyed the process and I know this family will value such a unique, handmade and love filled gift. Can you tell I feel a little bit proud?!

I would certainly recommend painting stones with your toddler, however, if you're after a cheap yet impressive gift this will suit any theme. And is a great late night wind down for busy mums!

Hoping Mr 5 loves his story stones when he opens his treasure bag!
Pirate Story Stones :: Just For Daisy

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Outdoor Play - Collecting and Washing River Rocks

dry river bed

Since putting in our dry river bed we've had lots of fun play cooking with river rocks, stacking them, lining them up and of course, throwing them!

One of Miss Daisy's little friends has a birthday on this weekend and we're hoping to make him some story stones. It's a Pirate themed birthday so mummy is going to help and paint some pirate pictures on some river stones.

The first time I saw story stones was when Miss Daisy's clever Aunt from Paint On The Ceiling made some... we were fortunate enough to get some for her Christmas present that year!

We've not ventured in to making our own yet, but it's been something I've wanted to do. My artistic abilities are not even close to Hannah's but I would love to give it a go!
Our first step in making our own story stones was to collect and wash our stones.
dry river beddry river bed

dry river bed
dry river bed
 Click over to my post on our Pirate Story Stones to see how our gift for the birthday boy turned out! :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Real Life Wednesday :: Busy as a Bee - yes, that's me!

That could be the longest blog title ever!
Well, this feels like the longest week ever!
But I did get to spend some time in the garden with Miss Daisy yesterday and take these amazing shots.

I love those slow moments.

Happy Hump Day!
flowers justfordaisy
flowers pink macro
ladybug macro aphids

bee flower macro

Don't you just love this busy little bee? I admire his diligence :-)
If you could get a macro shot of a particular creature, what would it be?
PS. Did you see the sneaky photo bombers in the ladybug shot?
PPS. Anyone know the name of the first tree? The blossoms look like pom poms from a distance. Just beautiful!
Real Life Wednesdays

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Can we go to ballet again please?

I had hoped this post might be image heavy, with amazing shots (I took both lenses for our DSLR along) of Miss Daisy at her first gymnastics lesson.
But carrying a baby, a bag and guiding a toddler through a car park, I decided to leave the camera in the car and just relish in the morning ourselves. No cameras. Just us. And it was grand.

If you'd like more inspiration for sometimes putting the camera away, take a look at this post from One Perfect Day. Our children notice these things. I'm sure Miss Daisy noticed Mummy's full attention this morning.

She called it ballet, because she'd like to do ballet like Peppa Pig, I tried to explain this wasn't ballet but she had fun all the same.
So much fun that she cried the whole way home saying she'd like to go back to ballet, pleeease!

So here is a post, without any images. But I have plenty etched in my mind.

Her face as The Wiggles song came on to start.
Her little toes gripping the mat as she ran and followed the lines.
Her attempts at jumping over the 'hurdles' and her joy at jumping in the hoops.
Her success at climbing up the ramp.
Her bouncing along the trampoline and stumbling off the end each time in a half jump, half fall!
Her little interactions with the other children.
And her excitement at receiving a star stamp on her hand at the end.

For now I'll keep them in my head. I will take the camera one week and capture this for all time. And for Daddy.
But for now it was a morning that we shared. Holding hands. Balancing. Singing. Dancing. Jumping. And having fun together. Without any need to do something again for the camera or a particular shot mummy wants. It was just for the joy of it. The fun of it. For her.

Hope you're having a lovely week.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Simple things. Like bubbles.

Today I'm enjoying all that is simple in life.
Rain falling outside my window.
Small baby breaths as Miss Ivy sleeps soundly.
The quiet of a house without a toddler in it.
The ache of missing my toddler.
The expectation of a full and vibrant weekend!
Simple things.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fluffy Banana Pikelets

Oh my! We are just a little bit in love with these at our place!
I came across this fabulous recipe for the yummiest Banana Pikelets over at Veggie Mama.
We have made them over and over again!

Think thick, fluffy, delicious pikelets.
The only difference with mine is that I omit all of the sugar. The banana and vanilla make it plenty sweet enough. And who doesn't like to add a generous pour of maple syrup at the end!

Enjoy! We do! :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Real Life Wednesday - A River Bed

Daddy was on school holidays for the last two weeks so we got to have lots of special family time at home. His first week was spent in the Australian outback taking a group of high school children on an 11 day trek!
But his second week we had his full attention and all his love and energy! He was at our beck and call. Could you buy a 1.2T rock please Daddy? Could you help dig a river bed Daddy? Could you lug 8 100kg railway sleepers around the yard to make a veggie patch Daddy? And his answer was always a resounding yes. Because his answer is always a resounding yes. Always.

He's great. He's the glue. He's the icing on the cake! And we love him. Lots.

So Real Life has meant more of the outdoors, more of our family. Less of this blog.
But hey, if Daddy's home - he wins hands down! :)

Monday, October 8, 2012

International Babywearing Week

It's International Babywearing Week again - and it's time to celebrate the art of wearing our babies and toddlers. Have you got an event planned near you!? Last year I made a little something to pimp my ergo. This year I've added to my carrier collection with two woven wraps. Oh and remember when I made this sling!?

We'll be attending our local event on Saturday and I am doing a quick talk on the Ergobaby carrier and why we LOVE it! Hopefully my two test dummy's will cooperate on the day!

This was our walk with friends on the weekend in our 'backyard'... hubby wearing our 2yo Miss Daisy in the Ergobaby back carryand myself wearing Miss Peppa (4mo) in my new Girasol Earthy Rainbow Woven Wrap from Tinoki.

Babywearing Ergobaby Woven Wrap

Check out the Australian and New Zealand Babywearing Week blog for info on an event near you and a chance at more great prizes! Or head over to their facebook page and say hello!

Do you carry your baby/toddler? Did you?
What sort of carrier was your favourite!?