Monday, October 8, 2012

International Babywearing Week

It's International Babywearing Week again - and it's time to celebrate the art of wearing our babies and toddlers. Have you got an event planned near you!? Last year I made a little something to pimp my ergo. This year I've added to my carrier collection with two woven wraps. Oh and remember when I made this sling!?

We'll be attending our local event on Saturday and I am doing a quick talk on the Ergobaby carrier and why we LOVE it! Hopefully my two test dummy's will cooperate on the day!

This was our walk with friends on the weekend in our 'backyard'... hubby wearing our 2yo Miss Daisy in the Ergobaby back carryand myself wearing Miss Peppa (4mo) in my new Girasol Earthy Rainbow Woven Wrap from Tinoki.

Babywearing Ergobaby Woven Wrap

Check out the Australian and New Zealand Babywearing Week blog for info on an event near you and a chance at more great prizes! Or head over to their facebook page and say hello!

Do you carry your baby/toddler? Did you?
What sort of carrier was your favourite!?