Thursday, September 1, 2011

Three Blogs for a Thursday

I've decided to use Thursday as a day to share the love with some of the amazing blogs that I frequent! Stop in here each Thursday to get an insight into where I 'waste' my time and what keeps me 'logged in'! :)

Thursday is a busy day here with Bible Study, tutoring several students and home life on top, so what better way to blog briefly than to share some awesome reads!

Here are the first three that seem to always be open on my computer!

This beautiful blog is a journal style blog written by a beautiful mother of 7 (almost 8), Alyssa. This blog documents their family journey through brilliant photographs and thoughtful journalling. This was one of the first blogs that I became 'addicted' to reading and I still love seeing what amazing things this beautiful family will get up to! Alyssa is super creative and a very talented photographer. 
Worth a look - you'll be stuck for hours! :)

I love love love this blog! So many creative ideas all meshed into one! Ashley is super talented and I have followed her blog for quite some time! She has recently revamped her blog making it super easy to navigate, yet so easy to become lost in! 
:) Enjoy!
Take a look at some of the things I've made from Ashley's collection. Including these ruffled nappy covers, fabric baby blocks, cute nappy set for little girls, and who could forget these wee wee tee pees

This beautiful blog combines the wonderful world of child's play with one very talented mummy's creativity & passion for art & imagination.
She also happens to be my super talented sister-in-law.
I am becoming more and more frequent over here looking for ideas for art and play with Miss Daisy... go over and say hello! :)
Take a look at the photos I helped with throughout her 2nd pregnancy too!

See you next Thursday with more from my Bookmarks! :)

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