Tuesday, September 6, 2011

5 a Day Books - Reading with Children #2

Linking up again this week with The Imagination Tree & Smiling Like Sunshine.

5 a day books

This week's five are all from our local library:

I liked this one because we've been heading out to the park more often lately and Miss Daisy enjoys using the slide and swings. This book takes you through the park with Baby Bundt! :) Lots of fun and things Daisy will recognise.

This book is an old faithful of fun finger rhymes for small children. Miss Daisy is getting really good at doing some of the actions for several songs and rhymes so I thought it good timing to have a book like this on hand! :) We'll sing each of the 6 rhymes each day and do the actions together!

Miss Daisy loves butterflies and can identify even the tiniest illustrations of them in her books! So I couldn't go past this board book as I perused the shelves at the library this week!

Something else that Miss Daisy has mastered over the last few months is identifying body parts! What better book than a book about your nose! :)

My mum bought Miss Daisy a Shape-o (or maybe it was Aunty Jo!) which she has just started to take a keen interest in. She is very good at lining up the shapes and pushing them in. She says circle, cross and star too! :) Such a proud mummy! So I decided a shape book would also be a good addition to this weeks collection! 

What are you reading at your place this week?

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