Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Three Blogs For A Thursday #4

It's funny having a 'weekly post' because every week I exclaim how quickly Thursday has come again! And it's no different this week! :)

Here are my Three Blogs for this Thursday - enjoy! :)

1. Mr Biblehead

This blog is lots of fun. The illustrations that Jack features are just wonderful! I love how the characters are brought to life! Also a great way of sharing the Bible with kids! 

2. i heart organizing
I think one day I'd like to be like one of these super 'organisationally organised' ladies!! :) I guess for now I'll just settle with being me!
However, there are some fabulous ideas here to organise your home & life - and to make it easy! Who doesn't want that!?! I feel soooo much better when life is organised!

3.  Blog U - Creative Blogging

This site has been super helpful lately in my blogging journey of late! I love finding helpful sites that are dishing out useful information! Yay for them!  

This is definitely one of them and I've linked directly to my favourite new skill... posting a link in a comment! It's a super way of referring people to your own blog or another page in a comment... but not in a daggy way... in a really professional linky way! 

Go on, try it! It's addictive! Give it a go and link to your favourite post on your blog in my comments section below - you'll never look back! 


If you'd like to link up with what you're reading you can use the handy linky tool below!

 Experimenting with something new and would love an easy way to find new blogs! Come and share what you're doing! :-) Please grab my Just For Daisy button from the sidebar and add it to your post. You can also take the '3blogThursday' image (I'll make a grab button soon!) Looking forward to seeing if anyone out there links up! :)

PS. I've linked up a day early to experiment with the 'linky' tool.
Look forward to your comments and to linking up with you this week!

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