Wednesday, August 31, 2011

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This week at our place I've tried to use as much from the freezer and pantry as possible... and I seem to have succeeded!

Sunday: White Fish/Salad
Our fussy eater (Miss Daisy) is becoming less and less fussy. However,  there are two things she has loved for months... fish and curries! Funny to think that a fussy eater would eat these things first when it took me at least 20 years to discover them! But I'm glad we have these meals that we know she will enjoy! 

Monday: T- bone/Salad
Tuesday: Chicken Koftas with Cous Cous & Rocket Salad
I borrowed a few cookbooks from the library when I visited this week. These were two separate recipes but they were the perfect compliment for one another! Made for a delicious meal with a very fresh flavour. This one is also packed with lots of nutritious goodness! Yum!
Recipe available here!

Wednesday: Beef Korma (Slow Cooked)
We cheat a little sometimes with our Indian Curries.. these sauces from Passage to India are delicious and great for the slow cooker. We often add coconut milk to make a larger batch so we can freeze some for extra meals. Definitely worth a shot!
Thursday: Protein Power Meal (Recipe to come)
This is another one from the books I borrowed from the library. I will post the recipe with some pictures and add them here later in the week. It is packed with goodness and high in protein. Made up of pasta, tuna, chick peas, kidney beans, green beans and rocket! Yum!

Friday: Date Night
Not planned as yet but here's hoping it's somewhere nice! ;)

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