Saturday, July 23, 2011

Baby Boys

Well, something super exciting happened yesterday!
                              My little nephew decided he'd like to come 4 weeks early! :)

With so many sewing projects waiting on the benches I decided to quickly make up some of these cute little things... perfect for little boys.... any guesses?

Funnily enough when we arrived at the hospital today, Mr D was getting his nappy changed and promptly weed all over the nurse and his blanket... perfect occasion for... 
the wee wee tee pee!! :) 

I found the idea over here at Make It and Love It (a fabulous blog!) and have a few other friends in mind for one or two of these! 

Looks like a useful little addition to change times when you have a boy!

Congratulations to the proud parents and big sister! He's adorable... I hope I get to take some newborn photos soon!! 

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