Thursday, September 15, 2011

Three Blogs For A Thursday

Here we go again! :) It's Thursday.... here is a little of what I've been reading this week! :) Some lovely blogs for you to visit! 

This one is cheating a little because it's not a blog. But it's where I spend a lot of my time  editing photos for the blog. I tell myself that when I get a 'real camera' I will use a 'real' editing program but for now I LOVE Picnik and how simple it is. I've become a paid member but you can do almost everything for free!! :) Enjoy this one! :)

Oh! There are some really delightful things over here... lots of great ideas to create some beautiful goodies!

A beautifully written blog. This family seem lovely.
I made their W.H.O bread and it was delicious! :) Definitely check it out!

That's me for Thursday! :) What are you reading?!? I'd love to be pointed in the direction of some other great reads! :) 

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