Saturday, September 10, 2011

Play: Sorting Shapes & Colours

Today (this was actually on Friday - late publishing as I got whisked away for a night down the coast!!) we had some fun with a little bit more of a 'structured' play time. It was as structured as you can get with a 14 month old. But structured I guess more meant I had a purpose rather than us just playing with whatever Miss Daisy grabbed.

I decided to have a combination of videos and pictures to explain what we did. (All taken on the iPhone so excuse the quality at times. Please also forgive the videography - it was done one handed without looking most of the time!)

Miss Daisy has a small obsession at the moment with boxes. She found a few old gift boxes stashed in my 'junk cupboard' which happens to be half of her wardrobe. She loves putting the lids on and off and hiding things inside. 
We've used the words 'in' and 'out' a lot over the last few months as she's learned to pack away her toys, bath toys and put food in her bowl.

Here is a little of the fun we had with sorting colours and shapes. 

The first thing we did is one of Miss Daisy's favourites - that is, her Tupperware Shape-O. Sorting shapes has become one of her most loved activities! She's getting quite good at turning the shapes, manipulating them and pushing them in too! I'm also getting quite proficient at my job, I have kind of memorised where each shape is - it's easy if you always align the Shape-O the same way. I make sure the circle and oval are aligned (you can check in the video!) That way the holes are always 'in the same spot'! :)

This next video is perhaps not quite as successful 'performance' wise! haha! 
But gives you an idea of what we were doing. 

I guess it's just a lot of repetition using the same language and instructions. 
Giving lots of praise. And generally just letting the PLAY go where it goes. 
Because that's just what it's meant to be... PLAY!

And this last video shows something else we do a lot of when we're reading books. That is, identifying objects in the illustrations. 

This particular book is dedicated to colours and deals with a limited amount of pictures. However, even when reading a normal storybook we play a bit of "Find the..." each time we read. I love seeing her little eyes scanning the page and that cute little finger reach out excitedly to point when she's found it! Her language is developing so well this way too - even with illustrations that are slightly different to the ones in her books. ie. she can identify a cow as a cow in a photograph, cartoon, sketch and so on.

We had fun with this and I'm looking forward to taking a leaf out my sister-in-laws book and getting creative with our play ideas and sharing them here occasionally. 
For some great ideas check out Hannah's blog Paint On The Ceiling.

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