Sunday, September 11, 2011

{Scavenger Hunt Sunday #9}

{Flying High}

I was certainly flying high after being whisked away for a night down the coast on Friday evening.... followed by a fun filled family weekend. We had such a wonderful time together. 

Unfortunately, I've been a little lax this week in fulfilling the Scavenger items. These photos were a week or so ago at a local Hang gliding spot... my sister and I took our kids up there to watch before going to the park. I though I'd sneak these in from the archives and have some new ones to do the rest... however, I was unable to come up with any that fulfilled the other prompts.

So instead, I've written a little narrative that highlights our weekend away! We had a lovely time and took lots of photographs... I've tried to use each prompt in the narrative!

It doesn't take a very long process of elimination for us to decide where to head away... we have a wonderful spot at Hyams Beach on the South Coast of NSW available at a very nice price!
What better place to duck away for a quick night away as a family.
It was forecast to rain and we drove through a storm on the way down... but look what we woke up to! :)

It is a lovely spot and the first time we came down there together I was only 17, we visited my hubby's parents who stay there often. It's so long ago but I remember it vividly, especially climbing along those same rocks!
We took a photograph of the 3 of us in the exact location we have a photo of just the two of us from nearly 10 years ago! :)

Then after church today we headed off to a local rainforest walk... what a weekend I was spoiled with! :) 

My mind is a little bokeh after a long weekend... so it's time to head off to bed! :)

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