Thursday, January 26, 2012

Three Blogs For A Thursday #7

I've been looking around the blogosphere lately and finding some great Australian blogs. Quite exciting as it makes the people I'm networking with seem closer... although I love hearing from and learning things from people across the world! That's the exciting thing about the internet I guess. 

Anyway, here are three great blogs for this Thursday that I've been LOVING reading through! They're all AUSTRALIAN blogs to celebrate AUSTRALIA DAY - 26th January 2012!

Head over and take a look and say hello!

I've linked you straight to their caravan makeover but the whole blog is delightful! I love love love it and pinned it on my inspiration board for our new home!

Super delightful blog with lots of cute sewing things and just all round lovely! Soft spot with me because they also have a German Shepherd!

A beautiful blog. Lots of Aussie op shop goodness and other lovely things along the way.
I also love Em's new rule for her iPhone! 

Happy Thursday and Happy Australia Day.
I'd love to know what you're reading this week! :) 
Please share any new favourite blogs in the comments! :)

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