Friday, January 6, 2012

Ever heard of the 'nub theory'???

So a friend of mine who is also pregnant told me about something called the 'nub theory'.

Babies between 11-15 weeks have a genital nub that points in a particular direction if they're a boy or girl! Boys point up (go figure!) and little girls' nub tend to sit at a parallel line to the spine.

Well, it's got me super curious as to whether we could predict the gender of baby #2 from our 12 weeks ultrasound!!

What do you think?

Haha! Hopefully the incessant amount of pink doesn't sway your opinion. 
I think it's a girl if I've picked the right spot for the nub!!! But who knows!?! All a bit of fun!

Let me know your theory! And do you think I've pinpointed the 'nub'?? I think the really strong white part sticking up is a leg bone... hubby would like to think it's a boy!! ;)

Now just to convince my DH to find out the gender at our next scan at the end of the month!! :)

PS. Yay for feeling HEAPS better in the 2nd trimester! :) Nearly 16 weeks! :)

UPDATE: We were right!! It's a GIRL (2nd ultrasound)
UPDATE: Ivy Joy enters the world (Birth story/photos!)

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