Tuesday, January 24, 2012

18 weeks today!

I'm 18 weeks pregnant today! 

Can't believe how quickly this pregnancy seems to be going! Next week we have our latest ultrasound scan and will find out the gender of our little bundle! We'll see if my nub theory prediction is correct or not! 

12 week ultrasound scan - baby #2
Regardless of the babies gender we will be excited and happy to know our unborn child a little better! (And I'll be happy to have one more unknown ticked off at this busy time in our lives!)

I've heard people explain that their second pregnancy flew by and I can certainly agree! With a rambunctious toddler to chase around and entertain I haven't had the time to sit and read pregnancy book updates week by week, scour the internet for baby names or keep a close count on the weeks and stages we progress through! (I hardly get the chance to head to the bathroom on my own without a little helper offering me paper and telling me to wipe and flush!) 

I enjoyed those things last time. But I'm enjoying my final months with my 'only child' without dwelling on the pregnancy as much. I think that's okay! 
July 2010 - 39 weeks pregnant with Miss Daisy

We've also had lots happening on a family level... we've decided to move house (yes, last time I was
8-9 months pregnant and renovating) and this time we'll be in a new home and renovating again! 

It must be the nesting instinct?! Or downright silliness! 

Anyway there'll be lots more posts on the new house as we're moving to a larger block of land and will aim to start vegie gardens and keep chickens! Which I can't wait to post about!

 An exciting venture to say the least! My inspiration board for our new home is on Pinterest here... check out my big dreams as they keep growing!! 
Oh and I've set myself the goal of learning to crotchet before the baby comes! I found the most delightful crocheted  blanket (it could be knitted, oh I'm so ignorant!) when I went op shopping recently and it was the perfect addition to our camping trip! (Feel free to comment and tell me if it's knit or crochet! I won't be offended!)

I've since pinned a few lovely crocheted things on Pinterest including this amazing number which I found here! I would love love love to make one of these!

I'm sure my mother in law will lend me a crochet hook and a little advice! And making blankets might stop me from buying them at op shops!

Oh, and my last piece of exciting news of late! (Yes, it could even outdo 18 weeks pregnant and moving house! Maybe!) is that I'm participating in a Vintage Fabric FQ Swap hosted by Kellie at Green Tea and Red Nails! Yay!
I've found some amazing Aussie blogs in the last week or so (stay tuned for my Three Blogs this Thursday!) and am so happy to be following them on similar journey's to my own! 

If you are in Australia and would like to join in you still can so check out the details HERE! Can't wait to send mine off and then receive my package in the mail and whip up something special for the new house!

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