Sunday, January 8, 2012

{Scavenger Hunt Sunday #11}

I often start Scavenger Hunt posts with "it's been awhile!" Well, it has! We've got a brand new baby in the house! Our Canon 60D... we've also got a brand new baby on the way in June for those who've vistited in the past from Ashley's weekly link up! Exciting times in 2012!

Looking forward to linking up more regularly with Scavenger Hunt Sunday again! And perhaps enlisting my hubby's help as he seems to hold the camera more often than I do at the moment! :)

Hope you've had a lovely holiday with your family! Welcome to 2012!

Here are my interpretations for this week... I've used photos from the last few weeks of our holiday season!

{One Colour}
These were taken on our 4x4 trip to Stockton Beach in Northern NSW. Amazing 32km of white sand to play on! What a wonderful day! The monotone and glare is like being at the snow!

This was a hard one (especially since I left it 'til the last minute!) These are from my iPhone of the laundry liquid I've been making... you can read about it here! :)

From Stockton Beach we headed into the Wattagan National Park. These puddles were nearly empty after the 3 cars in our group ran through them! :)

{One Dozen}
I love sneaking Miss Daisy into each Scavenger Hunt and wasn't sure what I could fit into 'one dozen'. So here is a baker's dozen of our latest shots of Miss Daisy! She's growing up every day! Bittersweet!

Luckily there was a nice soft landing underneath! She really hung on tight though! :) This was New Year's Eve waiting for the fireworks at 9pm!

Thanks for visiting! :) I love reading your comments and will come and visit your blog too! :) Have a lovely week!

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