Monday, January 9, 2012

Silhouette and Shadow Play

This morning Miss Daisy (18mo) and I wandered into the kitchen to get her bottle. 
It was 6:30am - a little earlier than usual and the sun was lower and really shining brightly through the kitchen windows. 

Miss Daisy noticed her shadow on the pantry and said, "Scarlet" like she would when looking in a mirror. I decided to use this opportunity for some fun play and a little lesson on the sun and shadows!

Miss Daisy had a little fun on her own going up close and far away from the pantry and seeing the difference it made to her shadow. 

She thought it quite funny when Mummy made dolly 'jump on her head' as she watched her shadow on the pantry!

I started handing Miss Daisy a few of her toys from her nearby toy box and we experimented with their shadows/silhouettes too! 
Fun! Fun! Fun! The flying birdy was a real favourite!

It was fun to watch our hands and fingers making shadow patterns too! High five!

And finally Mummy got in on the silhouette action and asked for a kiss. 

I was lucky this morning that Miss Daisy said yes! :) 
She usually likes to give her kisses to Daddy!
I love how in this shot you can also see her reflection in the laminex within her silhouette!

Lots of impromptu fun was had this morning! :)

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