Friday, January 27, 2012

Mummy's Day Out! Op Shop Hop!

So Miss Daisy went to Grandma's for the day on Wednesday! It's grown to be a weekly ritual which is loved by all three of us!

This time I decided to head out to a few op shops in the hopes of finding some vintage threads for the FQ swap I've signed up for. And boy did I ever!

I decided to go to some surrounding suburbs to op shops I hadn't been to before or in a long time. I was pleasantly surprised!

We need a new dinner set as ours has started to chip and a few plates were broken and have long been thrown away. Well, at the first op shop I found 4 out of these 5 plates for $2 each. The lady gave me the four of them for $5! 
*Insert giddy happy op shop face #1!*

I also found this cute basket for my crochet things ($4) since I'm going to learn to crochet!! Eventually!! :) (if not it would make a great baby carrier for Miss Daisy's dolls!) The wool was $1!

The basket is handmade in Sri Lanka and original proceeds went to a charity for a children's orphanage. It still had all tags on.

Another awesome find at this first shop was an Annabel Karmel recipe book for only $2! And it's brand new! What's even better is that I'd told my cousin only days before that she should get it! So it's all hers! Bargain!

Next shop not so successful. Linen was $6 for a bag full (exciting!) but I didn't find anything suitable. The one after that had no linen at all. (boo!) 
I nearly bought a Bananas in Pyjamas teddy for Daisy girl but refrained!

However, my next stop was a jackpot! I bought 10 pillowcases with some gorgeous vintage florals for 50c each! 
*Insert giddy happy op shop face #2!*

I also grabbed a Sesame Street puzzle set for Miss Daisy.

And these super cute Holly Hobby plates. 
*Insert giddy happy op shop face #3!*

I called Mr Hubby to say that I just had to stop off at one more shop! 
Boy am I glad that I did!
I found this neat little cushion cover to add to Miss Daisy's ever increasing pile of pillows!

Here I found the final plate in my set of 5. (I would like to get 8-10 eventually!)

I also grabbed this beautiful plate - a little small for my dinner set but I'm going to attach an old vase or wine goblet to the bottom to create a gorgeous cake stand!

I also found these brand new in packs Sheridan and Dri Glo pillowcase pairs! Marked at $5/pair she gave them to me for $3/pair (I haggled even though the sign said 'no discounts'!) Perfect for the Vintage FQ swap - but also tempting to pop straight in the stash!
*Insert giddy happy op shop face #4!*

Anyway, I'm all loved up on op shop success! All that for under $50!

*Insert giddy happy op shop face!*