Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mummy Date

Daddy has been working super hard around the house in preparation for our big move (not sure if I've mentioned that around here... it will be mentioned soon!) 

Exciting, busy and slightly stressful times!

So yesterday Miss Daisy and I baked a yummy chocolate cake and then went to the library and the park.

I wanted to post some photos and I've picked only a few. It's so hard to choose one photo from a collection of the same moment in this age of digital photography.

Does anyone else have trouble deleting photos? I hate the feeling of deleting it and not seeing that expression again. Or missing out on the emotion in that exact moment compared to the moment 3 seconds before! Are you with me?
Anyway, to show you what I mean here is less than 1 minute of Miss Daisy on the swing. And I had to keep them all!

Tell me you understand!?

Needless to say we had a wonderful afternoon!

And by the way, I managed to delete a handful of photos! 
...Tell me about your photo woes!

Oh, and I think those pants I made were quality tested quite thoroughly!