Wednesday, January 25, 2012

No Need To Knead - Easy Bread Making

I posted about the amazing WHO bread from Soule Mama a while ago... we've made it a few times and mummy, daddy and Miss Daisy enjoy it thoroughly each time! I also love that it's the 'acoustic' method - no need for a bread maker!

Well, I've decided that we'll probably aim to make our own fresh bread every other day or so when we move so I found another great recipe to try that's easy for making two loaves that doesn't need kneading! You can follow along with the recipe here or at Ivy Nest - regardless you should take a look at Ivy Nest blog because it is just delightful!

I've changed the recipe a little from the original just because of what we had on hand. 

I'm also thinking I'm more of a kneading fan because this bread was quite airy. I'm thinking of doing the kneading bit in my kitchen whizz next time! :)

Also in keeping with my love for the WHO bread I'd probably add some oats to this bread or other grains/seeds just to give it a little extra somethin'!

Here's what you will need:
3 3/4 cups water, lukewarm
1 1/2 tablespoons instant yeast
1 1/2 tablespoons salt
1 tablespoon sugar
4 1/2 cups white and 2 cups wholemeal flour 


1. Pour warm water into a large bowl. Add yeast, sugar and salt and whisk to combine.

2. Add your flour to your wet ingredients and combine with a flat bladed knife (not whisk as pictured - it'll clog up too quick!) ;)

3. You may need to add a little more water if your mix looks too dry! You want it to be wet but not too wet! :) (see pics below a) too dry b) better!)

4. Cover your dough with a tea towel and leave for 1-2 hours depending on climate. I found 1 hour was enough here. I assume when we move up the mountain it will take a little longer! Just check it, you want it to double in size! (I think mine could've needed longer it seemed a it moist? Anyhew, nothing copious amounts of flour and handwashing didn't fix!)

5. Check on Miss Daisy who was playing outside with crayons and chalk. Wash her up, brush teeth and return to baking bread! Around now you can preheat your oven to 230'C.

6. Remember this is enough dough for two loaves. I divided the dough into two bowls.
Add a few handfuls of flour to make it easy to work the dough. I made one into a loaf and the other dough I shaped into 12 rolls. (Rolls required LOTS of extra flour as the dough was still quite moist)

Miss Daisy was quite concerned that my hands were 'dirty dirty!' 
(I guess one thing I don't like about no knead is the added mess and the dough you waste from the sheer stickiness of it - hoping my whizz is the solution to this!)

7. At this point you can let the dough rise again for a short time. I let mine rest for about another 10 minutes then was impatient so proceeded on!

8. Your 230'C oven should be hot and ready to go! Pop your rolls in for around 20 minutes and your bread for about double this (until the crust is nice and brown).

I put the loaf and one tray of rolls in for 20 minutes, then the other tray of rolls for the loaf's final 20 minutes so it was a nice efficient process!

Both were absolutely delicious. I loved the bread rolls the best. I found the bread to be a little airy - perhaps from no kneading. Whereas other bread recipes I've used come out a lot smoother without bubbles. I'll find my perfect bread soon! 

In the meantime I'm happy to eat these hot out of the oven with lots of butter! Yum!

Have you got a good bread recipe I should try?! Please send me a link!  I'd love to give it a go! 

Here's a few that are on my to do list:

EcoMILF : Daily Bread

EcoMILF : Sweet & Soft

Down To Earth : Basic Loaf

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