Friday, February 15, 2013

Scones - A Toddler Friendly Recipe

Just For Daisy :: Scones Recipe

When I was teaching I would do a weekly reward system, the 'major prize' was a morning tea with the teacher, me! Our morning tea was full of home made goodies that I would bake and share with those children who earned such a merit throughout the week. (Somehow every child got at least one morning tea each term, *wink*) One of the most frequent things I would make were my scones with jam and cream! I have always made scones the 'traditional' way, by hand, no machine help! I love the feeling of combining the butter and flour until it's lovely and crumbly between my fingers... the way the dough comes together as the milk joins the party. Kneading it and sprinkling on the extra flour as I go. One mum commented how I should use a mixer as she just throws all the ingredients in and doesn't have to touch it etc. I sort of laughed, shrugged it off and said I enjoyed it :-) 

Fast forward three years and life looks a little different. There are now two little ones in the mix and lots of other busyness to drive me toward my machine friends once again. This Breville mixer was a gift from my mother in law one Christmas and it has a permanent home on my bench and is often used more than once a day!
Just For Daisy : Scones Recipe

And yes, we've started using the mixer to do our yummy scones, Miss Daisy loves to measure and add the ingredients and is basically at the point now where I'm just supervisor extraordinaire and she makes the scones solo! The funnel on top is great for added safety with the sharp blades of the mixer. We made these together for the first time when she was 9 months old... I wrote the recipe in the journal I keep for her just last week - perhaps one day she'll make scones with her babies!

Just For Daisy : Scones Recipe

Just For Daisy : Scones RecipeJust For Daisy : Scones Recipe

Just For Daisy : Scones Recipe

Here's what you need:
120g butter, chopped
2 Tbs caster sugar
5 cups SR flour
2 cups milk
extra flour for dusting

Here's what we do:
1. Add your chopped butter, SR flour and caster sugar to the mixer and pulse until combined with the appearance of fine bread crumbs.
2. Add 2 cups milk while mixer is running, a sticky dough will form. When combined to a sticky dough turn off mixer.
3. Flour your bench/workspace, tip dough onto bench and sprinkle flour on top. Knead until a stretchy dough forms :) It shouldn't be sticky anymore... this is a popular part for those with little hands!
4. Roll out to about 2cm thick, cut circles with a cookie cutter or scone cutter (mine are from Tupperware!)
5. Place in a lightly greased pan, close together is fine, dust with flour.
6. Put in 180'C oven for around 15 minutes or until golden brown!

Enjoy with jam and cream! :-)

This batch size makes around 40 scones. I usually freeze them in groups of 2 or 4 and have them ready to zap in the microwave and enjoy as a simple morning tea or grab them out in bulk for surprise guests! That's of course if they aren't eaten first! :-)