Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hello August - Goodbye first half of year!

Wow! It's August 2011! 

How time has flown the last few months. July just seemed to disappear! We celebrated all 3 of our birthdays last month... 2 of which were significant numbers! We are definitely partied out a little! We also had the surprise arrival of our gorgeous nephew - he decided to join the throng of July birthdays!

I have found that lately I have had to take check of my priorities
What is taking precedence in my day to day life. I know that there are things that I would prefer to do each day, yet somehow such things don't always bring me true happiness or contentment.

For instance, I love to veg out at night time... laptop perched precariously on my knee and tv flashing in the background. Surely I can't concentrate on both? 
Well, no I can't but somehow it lulls me for a while after a busy day.

However, is it lulling that I want? I did a social experiment... or perhaps I should say lack of social networking experiment! I deleted facebook from my iPhone and restricted myself from using the computer or watching the television for a day... how noble, huh!?

That day: I did 4 loads of washing, cleaned the house, went for a walk, did some baking and cut out some fabric ready to sew. By the end of the day did I feel a need to be 'lulled'!?
 No I didn't! Go figure.

So I am hoping to do a few things to harness social networking and computer use in my life! Because I am looking forward to 'logging into' life! 


Here's a little of life as we know it lately... from another technology addiction, Instagram! 

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