Sunday, August 28, 2011

What was once lost is now found

Isn't it amazing how quickly things can become lost. I'm losing things on a daily basis.... keys, iPhone, wallet. Yesterday I lost the night light - yes, the night light. 

If I haven't lost something of my own I can usually count on the fact that in one of my tidying frenzies (if it's out it goes in a drawer somewhere in the house!) I have probably 'misplaced' one of my dear husband's possessions. I'm always of the opinion that it's something he never uses anyway, but somehow it becomes the item he needs the most. Unfortunately it often escapes me which 'safe place' I put it in!
Unfortunately not my drawers! Source

This week Miss Daisy has had a bad cold with a side of croup and a chest infection to compliment the rest! Well, you can imagine that when Grandma had her for the day on Friday my house needed a little attention (not as much as it could have though!)

Having 'endless' hours up my sleeve - as I wasn't cleaning with 'nap's end' looming or a baby in front of the vacuum picking up small pieces of fluff and saying, "Tah, Tah" (She'll make a great housewife someday!) I turned up the tunes, laced up my sneakers (better for cleaning in!) and got to work.

I must admit that I don't always move the lounges or clean under the cushions in the lounge room every time. Do you? Well, having the aforementioned time, motivation oozing, tunes pumping and sneakers bouncing I went all out! I did both!

Obviously I move the couches more often than I lift the cushions... there were all sorts of amazing treasures under those cushions! 
A small amount of loose coins, a large family of bobby pins, some lego, a receipt and there may have been a few crumbs! ;) But, as I was checking out these more 'valuable' items before they were taken by a very greedy vacuum cleaner I noticed a small earring shining in the crease of the lounge. 

It wasn't mine... (cue suspicious music!) Just kidding! 
What better thing to do than throw a picture on facebook and see who claims it! Well, before I knew it my brother was commenting and Voila... we had a reunion!

My brother's comment about it being a *happy moment* got me thinking. It is such an awful feeling when you have lost something. It's always the thing that you want most for a time after that. 
In comparison though, it is such a wonderful feeling to find something that was lost. As my brother said, it is a *happy moment*.

How's this for a happy moment?

Without God, we are lost. Imagine His sadness at the state of what he has created. Lost. 
However, just as the woman in the parable searches and searches for the coin until she finds it, He too will search until we are found. And there will be a *happy moment* then!

Jesus goes so far as to say that there will be great rejoicing in heaven when just one sinner repents. Just like finding one small gold earring or a small gold coin. What may seem a small occasion as one sinner repenting, one life for Christ, that 'small' occasion is met with great rejoicing from the angels in heaven.

I love that even though things may become lost, misplaced, damaged or unloved...

God's love is eternal.

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