Saturday, August 27, 2011

Father's Day Ideas

Here in Australia it is coming up to Father's Day. We've already purchased a cute little gift for Daddy but I really want to make something special as well.

Last year Miss Daisy was only 7 weeks old. I made a photobook in iPhoto using a collection of photos from her first 7 weeks and wrote in it 'from Scarlet'. Here is the poem she wrote! :)

Well, a whole year has passed and I'm trying to work out a cute little handmade gift for Daddy that Scarlet can be involved in... I love the idea of using handprints, we did this for Valentines Day this year and I quite liked the result! And it's still hanging on Daddy's desk at work!

I liked the way the paint looked on the linen so might use mixed media style again... Here are some cute crafts which I found. What will you be making this Father's Day?

There are some beautiful things in this Etsy store and what a great use of handprints. This could be easily replicated at home. 

One of the great things about handprints is if you use a handprint craft each year you will have a great comparison of your child's growth over the years.

Having a husband who was a mechanic in a former life this cute card resonated with me! You could use anything from your husbands occupation or hobby to create a cute personalised photo frame. 
Another one for a 'handy' Dad is this cute tape measure with a hidden message inside, definitely one for an older child but still super cute! Worth taking a look at this one!

There are so many other great ideas on the internet. If you have one to share please feel free to leave a link below! :)

Will let you know of our crafty success during the week!

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