Tuesday, August 30, 2011

5 a Day Books - Reading with Children

As a teacher I guess reading and literacy is ingrained within me. I read to Miss Daisy when she was in the womb and have continued to do so on an almost daily basis since she was born. We have a children's picture Bible which we read every night as a family. One of her first words was "Bi-bul" :) 

Today while I was doing a little blog-hopping through my dashboard I found this initiative by Anna @ The Imagination Tree.

I decided to link up with the books that we are reading here a lot and I will commit to reading each of these each day to Miss Daisy for the week. 

Here we go - this is our five!

1. 10 in the bed - David Ellwand 

Miss Daisy is 14 months and will count 1-2-3 on cue :) I'm sure it has to do with fabulous books like this one! This book is fantastic right through 'til school and beyond. There are so many amazing 'teacher moments' in this book. Miss Daisy loves the second last page and does her own rendition of the whiny "I'm lonely!" Love it!

2. Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes - Mem Fox
We love love love this one here! Anything Mem Fox has delightful themes and fabulous illustrators on board and this book is no exception! The repetition makes it a great one for children to become familiar with quickly and again so many lessons. Counting, cultures, seasons, anatomy! :) Love!

3. In the Bath - Leslie Patricelli 
We try to visit the library as regularly as possible. They have fabulous programs for young children which we participated in from 6 months. This book has been lovely to read as Miss Daisy is becoming more and more in tune with the process/routine of bath time. She tests the water to check if it's "hot - ouch" and then puts her arms up ready to undress, "shoes shoes" must come first! We are enjoying reading this book about bath time a lot!

4. My Nose, My Toes and Me! - Frida Bing
Lift the flap books have been loved since Miss Daisy could reach out and lift the flaps. She used to do this cute head tilt trying to look under the flap before it was lifted! This book is great for recognition of body parts (Daddy's favourite party trick is to ask Miss Daisy to point to body parts.) We've mastered ears, eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, knees, toes, hands, fingers and tummy! 

5. Where Oh Where is Huggle Buggle Bear? - Katherine Sully
I feel like I'm being a tad repetitive but we LOVE this book too! We start the book and Miss Daisy now does the 'ssshh' from the end of the book! She's learned it too well! My favourite part is when the little boy is asking where Huggle Buggle Bear could be she now inserts the "nooooo" in the right place. I'm endeavouring to get a video of us reading this one... too cute! 

Linking up to The Imagination Tree.

5 a day books
Would love to see what you're reading this week too! 
If you haven't read these 5 I suggest you grab them from your library! 

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