Sunday, August 28, 2011

{Scavenger Hunt Sunday #7}

In my bid to return to blogging in full strength I am eager to link up to Ashley Sisk's Scavenger Hunt each week. I love perusing through the wonderful images that others share here each week. Head over and take a look at the great entries each week here...

So here is my first in awhile! You can see my older Scavenger Hunts HERE
They are some of my favourite blog posts to date!

Click below to see this weeks pictures!

Here are my interpretations for this week:

{Old and New}

{Night Photography}
This one was taken on my iPhone so it's quality isn't great. But I really wanted a picture of the tiny crescent moon that was out that night!

(Self Portrait Suggestion)
I didn't do a selfie for this one... I'm not really that musically inclined and couldn't think of anything creative. So these are from the archives. This was a fabulous wedding we attended last month. They had set up a photo booth section with some fun props... these are the people I love and call family! :) (Perhaps this should've gone under cheesy!)

These were taken in the church at the same wedding whilst we waited for the bride (who was fashionably late!) Miss Daisy was oh so pretty in her beautiful hat... the last time she wore it she was oh so small... 
We're a family of 'cheesy' grins! :)

Here she is at only 4 months old... precious moments... precious memories.

This one is also from my iPhone (edited in Instagram) and is a favourite at the moment!
It even made it's way into my new blog header! This is Miss Daisy at the park on my birthday... she's enjoying her Poppa playing his guitar with Nanna looking on!
Yes, we're that family that take the guitar to the park! :) Love my Dad! xx

Hope you enjoyed my little collection. Would love to hear from you and I will head over and check out your blog too! :)
Have a great week! 
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