Thursday, November 22, 2012

Through a child's eyes

Another post of words and not pictures from me tonight. My heart has been heavy with thoughts and notions over the last week or so. The emotions of a pregnant woman... hopefully only the emotions!

Today I learned a valuable lesson. I was reminded of what is important. And it was my 5 month old who reminded me. I took her to see a specialist today as she has a birth mark of sorts on her neck that needed further examination/treatment. It's only about 1cm square. Whilst patiently sitting in the waiting area with Li'l Peppa a mother brought her two children in. 

Do you sometimes judge a book by it's cover? 
This looked like a typical middle class family. The kids looked as though they'd had a fun day at school. A little dirty, boys face smeared with chocolate from afternoon tea (mum promptly wiped it off as they sat down) and the little girl's hair was in that messy way only 8 year olds can get away with and still look cute! 

We were at a dermatologist. I knew immediately who was the patient out of the three. Her face told the story. That messy hair did not cover the red skin, the rash or the scabs from what I imagine was a painful area on her cheeks, right under the eyes and meeting up beside her nose.

Li'l Peppa started to chatter away in her pram and the little girl edged closer, hovering about a metre away. I turned the pram to face the little girl and invited Li'l Peppa to 'say hello'. The little girl saw this invitation and took it. She was over there in a flash. Cooing at our gorgeous girl and making her giggle and smile. She reached out and stroked her head and kept talking, kind words, soft words. The smiles told the story, Li'l Peppa was impressed to have a friendly face giving all attention to her.

While she was close, I got a good close look at this little girl. Her eyes lit up bright as she told me of a small gift she'd received from her scripture teachers for being kind. She cradled it in her hands like a piece of gold. Her mixture of baby teeth and big teeth smiled with all their might as she entertained Li'l Peppa. And as I spoke with her and watched her, those bright red cheeks and scabs seemed to fade. The more I spoke to her, I saw other things. We talked for a little while longer and I pulled the baby out of her pram and onto my knee. Boy was she impressed with that. Miss 8 noticed the mark on Li'l Peppa's neck and asked if she'd hurt herself. I told her it was why we were seeing the doctor. Her response was, "It's just like mine." Seeing how small our baby's 'blemish' was in comparison to hers choked me up a little, but I was pleased that she considered them to be alike so hopefully she was not too affected by it. We were called in and said our goodbyes. 

What did I learn from my 5 month old. There was not a second of apprehension or judgement in her. She was delighted to see a friendly face. Two shining eyes staring intently into hers. A giant smile willing to pick up her toy, over and again. Gentle hands (albeit a little grubby from the school day!) to stroke her head. And most of all she saw the kind heart which I saw too! It just took me a little longer. I'm so glad I got to spend 15 minutes with that special little girl. (Her mummy sat on her iPhone, but that's another post!)

Time for this tired Mummy to go to bed. Sweet dreams.