Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Real Life Wednesday.

It seems that with no iPhone to take quick snaps I'm taking less and less photos. It's not really that hard to get out our DSLR... it sits on the shelf quite readily available. But something about it makes it less inviting. I think I'll put our old point and shoot in my nappy bag so we've always got it handy.

Anyway, here's my Real Life moment for this week! And it's on video!

When hubby left for work early Tuesday morning he was met with a sad sight. A lovely brush tail possum had met it's untimely fate with a car or truck overnight. Cars were swerving this way and that and hubby said he'd clean it off the road when he got home.

I figured by then it would have been hit a few more times and sprayed over the road so I said to him over the phone that I'd do it! Well, he laughed and scoffed and said if I did I could have whatever I wanted... so I asked for a haircut and half a day free to myself!! Easy to please, aren't I!

This was a moment worth grabbing the DSLR for.

I felt quite sad for the possum, we see so much wildlife dead on the roads up here but being so close to it was different. Most of the time we see wombats and I really wonder how many orphaned little ones there are.

And so... here is a record of my success.

We are keeping it VERY real at home this week!? How about you!?
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