Monday, November 12, 2012

My latest craftiness!

I've written a list, and checked it twice. 
My handmade Christmas kiddy gift list is well underway. Miss Daisy's cousins and friends should be receiving some handmade gifts this year, made with love.

I've been wanting to get my sew-jo back and having picked up my sewing machine from the repair shop on the weekend I'm excited to get started on my Christmas list. After a few orders, giveaway prizes and one very late birthday gift (from June) are finished!

While my machine was gone, here is some of what I got up to in the crafty department! I can't wait to get these on the wall!

I've been collecting 2nd hand frames from the op shops I visit over the last few months. I decided to paint them with a shabby chic kind of look. So I used some acrylic paint in a teal shade and also a tube of antique white. I did this VERY roughly, by putting spots of paint (both colours in varying quantities) around the edge of the frame... then spreading with a paintbrush. I then used the brush to roughly take off bits of paint on some edges to create the aged look!

I'm finding it really hard to decide which photographs to put and if I'll put them all in one spot as a photo collage or use them around the house!

Any ideas for hanging photographs ?? We've never really hung any!